The other night I had a dream that I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 20,000 feet. Yes, I was in the army but no, I never went to Airborne School.

As I was plummeting towards the earth, the landscape is jaw dropping. It’s amazing how small the world feels when you are up that high – you can’t see people or cars, buildings look tiny, mountains and other natural terrain features look like toys on a model set.

There is this wild sense of freedom up there. In my dream, I felt more alive than ever.

As I got closer to the landing zone, I pulled the ripcord and my parachute didn’t open. I pulled it again and again, and … nothing.

Freedom shifted into solution-focused thinking. I had a few seconds.

But that immediately dissolved into fear and panic…

Seconds later, I hit a canopy of trees and everything went dark.

I woke up in a hospital bed. My fiance, niece and nephew, and family were by my side and instead of sadness and pain they appeared more in awe than anything.

Oddly, I was totally uninjured… no broken bones, no gaping wounds, nothing…

What I was left with however, was this feeling that life is so damn precious. I felt extremely grateful to be alive – to be of SERVICE to humanity. You see I’ve almost died 3 times in my life… questioning your mortality is one the fastest ways to truly valuing LIFE.

Our theme for this month is Structure is Function and I bet you’re wondering how this relates.

And as much I can tell you:

Poor spinal structure can accelerate the progression of arthritic change in the spine, or
Subluxation patterns in the spine lead to a state of chronic stress, or
Spinal Alignment (establishing normal curvature) leads to improved spinal cord velocity, or
Adjustments improve the brain’s ability to process information, and influence prefrontal cortex output by 20%.

Or the fact that the medical research has shown this since the early 1900s.

Or with Hippocrates circa 400 BC.

Or Chinese Medicine 5000 years ago.

When I realized, in my dream, that I was given another shot at life I was extremely grateful and more than anything I wanted people to know how much they mattered to me. I woke up and wrote an email to one of my old mentors because part of the dream was him speaking from the stage at how impactful my life had been on him.

I want you to know how much you all matter to me. You and your family being a part of our practice, our tribe, is not something I take lightly. Your decision to be a part of our practice and to choose chiropractic care as a foundational part of your natural health practice and journey matters way more than you may know now.

Chiropractic may help with your low back or neck pain. Sure, we are clearly at the top of the list even in the peer reviewed medical research. Far better than any medical intervention contrary to popular believe.

This opioid crisis is not really a crisis because of the addictive nature of it… it is a crisis because Big Pharma knew their other meds/therapies didn’t work AND they still decided to bring HEROIN to the market knowing full well how dangerous it would be instead of allowing chiropractic an opportunity to serve the public more fully.

Can you imagine sending 20.8 million prescription painkillers to a town of 3000 in a span of 7 years? Can you imagine the negligence, deception and suffering?

But pain isn’t ‘the why’ behind our practice or profession. That’s the smallest point of where we may begin…

We exist because every time…

…your baby sleeps better
…your baby has a big poop
…your eyes see clearer
…your think more clearly
…your business improves
…you have more patience after an adjustment… that a miracle.

Every time, it’s a sign that more of your family’s life and health potential is finding its way through to a more full expression. Adjusting your structure is always building new neural pathways towards health and life.

So many of you have been telling me how you think your kids are ahead.

I will be very frank when I say this but your kids are NORMAL.

Our founding documents for the practice state:

“Normal is BRILLIANT

What matters to me most, is that we normalize this.

We have completely normalized that fact that 54% of kids today suffers with at least one chronic illness and that’s not ok…

The whole point of my dream, in questioning my mortality (no it’s not the first time), is more than anything I was left with a very powerful theme. What matters most in my life is helping people realize how much they matter… how brilliant they are inside and out. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel that chiropractic is one of our vehicles to help deliver that message.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the opportunity to serve you.