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At Future Generations we are empowering families with real answers, meaningful health solutions and a powerfully aligned community.

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We guide you to achieve optimal health by providing exceptional chiropractic care and empowering health education during pregnancy, birth, babies and beyond.

We help inspire a greater vision for what’s possible for you and your future generations.


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Dyanna Grimes
Dyanna Grimes
Dr. Stan and his team are the best! From the moment we walk in to the moment we leave, we feel cared for and valued. We’ve seen improvement in sleep habits, anxiety, balance, and have a quick recovery when we’re sick. We’re so happy to be part of the Future Gen family!
iveth Fernandez
iveth Fernandez
Im glad I found this place for my kids, very happy and grateful.
Mandi Rose
Mandi Rose
Dr. Stan and Dr. Ryan are amazing!!! I have been a patient here for over 5 years and my entire world has shifted into a beautiful reality I didn’t think was possible for my son and me! When we first started here we were both super stressed out and sick all the time! My son had 3-5 episodes of strep throat a year. I was sick with a cold every month and I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. With regular visits our whole world evened out. The first thing I noticed was that we were calmer and our emotions balanced out. After just a few months we didn’t get sick quite so much. After a year my autoimmune disease reversed and my MD is still shocked! Not only has our healing been magical but Future Generations is a home for us. We feel eternally welcome and we have made many friends here who are like minded! Future Generations is our safe space in this crazy and unpredictable world! Thank you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Terry Pfrang
Terry Pfrang
Dr Hom is our primary care physician: my wife and I both in our 60s, no prescription meds, no crazy diets, no fad workouts; just common sense and chiropractic from the best in the business! Stan and his team help us live well and free from bad meds with thoughtful whole body chiropractic and mindful wellness advice.
Riley Logsdon
Riley Logsdon
Future Generations is amazing! They are very friendly and truly care about your health. I have felt great and slept great ever since going. They are fast and will get you in and out quick. I couldn’t recommend them more
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez
I alive and alined!
Rodney Anderson
Rodney Anderson
The care we've received from Future Generations has been absolutely wonderful! We were looking for natural ways to deal with chronic pains and when we started here we didn't know what to expect but in a very short time we started seeing extremely positive results and are now the healthiest (and happiest) we've been in a long time. All the doctor's and staff are all great and a joy to be around to the point that my wife and I now consider everyone there to be friends. I highly recommend Future Generations; if you're looking for chiropractic care, this is the place go!
inez schmidt
inez schmidt
I love this space of authentic holistic freedom. Very welcoming office & staff ❤

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We want you to feel confident in your body’s ability to self-heal and self-regulate optimally and to make transformative decisions based on the WHOLE TRUTH for you and your family.

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