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I remember walking into our building eight years ago and feeling so at home that I kicked off my shoes. The realtor and the owner looked at me baffled and I said “I guess you guys haven’t ever seen an Asian man walk into his home, I’ll take it.“

And the rest is history.

From the hundreds of moms and dads, babies and kids who have been through our doors and received some of the most life-changing information regarding their health, conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond to the vitalistic chiropractic care in a neuro-focused clinical model that expects miraculous results to what we are now seeing as the most important community to exist in the health freedom movement… all of it became possible from that one decision.

That decision led to not only you being a part of our community, but I met and hired my wife while we’ve had this office, I’ve gotten to work alongside and create some of the most impactful services and events our county has ever seen with some of my best friends, we’ve had both of our kids alongside so many of you growing your own families while in this office, and most uniquely this place has become a home away from home for so many of you when the majority of the worlds has become so isolated, so locked down, so masked and so segregated even AFTER things have settled.

I guess what I’m saying is yes, “life happens here” but you know what? One of the best versions of life happens at Future Generations and after a decade of practice and now 3 years of global tyranny, I know experiences like ours just don’t exist anywhere in the world.

But I’ll get to it: on August 26, we will be celebrating our last day in our 3355 4th Avenue office. 

None of this came by choice. I want to be clear about that. Five years ago when the owner sold the buildings to big developers, they started to show signs of pushing us out. It scared us and we freaked out. They canceled security, they canceled our surveillance cameras and other measures which kept all of us safe here in the city. They are a big company with a big vision to level the corner block between 4th and 5th and Upas and build a high-end 9-10 story loft. 

They told us just before COVID when they put their projects on pause, they would give us 3-6 months notice before we had to leave. 

And they gave us exactly 90 days. Not one day more. These buildings, our building/home will be demolished. 

In the wake of closing on our new family home, I got right on the job and hired two commercial real estate companies to assist our search for a new office. One referred by a long-standing trusted patient and one referred by another Chiropractic colleague.

Initially, we looked at locations which seemed the smartest from our perspective: Mission Valley, Mission Gorge. Then I thought it would be safe to look at Kearney Mesa because many strategic partners we know are located there. And then I started to look up the 15, just to consider my commute from our new house in Escondido – which we specifically chose South Escondido so I could manage my drive best and minimize time away from the family. This opened the search into the 56 corridor. 

And to be honest, everything I found was a different version of the same– business and corporate settings, with shared common areas and entrances. Buildings that had displayed (despite no active (illegal) mask mandates) proud signs of virtue and “safety” which would adversely affect our patient base. Buildings the commercial real estate agents proudly stated were “safe” despite me telling them exactly the type of business and community we are. 

The other main option was high-end retail, which from the outside looked absolutely amazing and I would love to see a Chiropractic practice like ours front and center in places like Del Mar Highlands and the upcoming Watermark off of the 15 and 56, but at 7 to 9 dollars a square foot, they just didn’t align with how we do things. And we would still not ‘own’ our future. 

Then one of my mentors asked me, “why haven’t you looked at Escondido?” 

And my immediate answer was, “it’s too far.” 

And he said, “for whom?” 

He suggested I “consider an option that will keep me and my family at my very best” and that in over 6 years of mentorship, he’s never seen me make one decision for myself.

This wasn’t a compliment. 

When I started to open the search to Escondido, everything that started to pop out was almost exactly what we were looking for. Stand alone buildings for rent or for sale. Upon meeting owners of buildings or their leasing agents, I ran into something really interesting. Some were screening FOR businesses of like-mind (ahem, they didn’t want mandate-friendly people). 

Talk about the best sign. 

We also noticed there were more options not only to rent, but to buy. This would be the most ideal opportunity for my family because my parents have been looking to sell their old optometry office space and exchange it for property in San Diego for years, but a lot more concentrated in the last few months.

Amidst this search, while my mother-in-law was visiting she made a comment which I initially took offensively and rejected wholly. She said all of the other babies look me in the eye, “why doesn’t Luka?”. 

In the following days, the last 3 years of serving and fighting for our community stopped. Everything stopped. Because it wasn’t that my child wasn’t making eye contact, it was the fact that my child wasn’t fixating on ANYTHING. 

We took him to two of the top pediatricians in the county, to one of my pediatric chiropractic mentors, to a top craniosacral therapist, and we all agreed. He’s not fixating, but none of them wanted to say what I saw… my son couldn’t definitively see ANYTHING. 

We were referred to a developmental optometrist who spent an hour and a half with us and confirmed that although Luka can perceive light on his retinas, his vision is the worst he’s seen (-11.0 refractive error) and we have a small window of time to train his brain in order for him to be able to see the rest of his life – we don’t know how good he will be able to see in the future. 

I’ve now spoken to three developmental optometrists – one of whom has a child who has experienced the same challenge at the same age, and they reiterated we are lucky to have found this and are taking it seriously now. Waiting anymore time without addressing Luka’s eyes is not an option and would result in refractive amblyopia which is essentially a condition where Luka has every bit of the anatomy to see, but his brain didn’t build the neurological habits to do so.

In my 11 years of practice, I have never actually seen this. 

And I find it so much of a God thing, for the first one to be my son at this time.

For the first time, in the entire process of finding a new home for the next chapter of Future Generations, I couldn’t truly see the WHY behind moving our office to Escondido. 

It doesn’t stop at it being the most convenient for my family because we have no idea what the future holds for Luka and we will not know by the time we are in our next space. We won’t know if he needs five days a week therapies, we won’t know if he’ll ever truly see and we will need to learn how to navigate life with a child who is blind. But since Luka’s condition was revealed to us, everything is falling into place. 

We realized north county San Diego has the highest concentration of Health Freedom activists in the county and potentially the United States. 

We have found there has been a consistent migration of young families to north east county San Diego for many years and some realtors are calling Escondido the county’s “inland Encinitas” in the next 10 years. 

We’ve also had virtually every North County Health Freedom Group come to our side (Let Them Breathe, Koffie, Open Room, and more) EXCITED at our move and ready for powerful collaboration and community engagement/impact. 

On a more professional/personal level, I was able to see and feel more clearly the future of Future Generations. We found a space which suits our collective current needs and carries within it the seeds of possibility for what will be the best chapter of Future Generations. I foresee generations of a beautifully inspiring impact both locally in our county and through our global network.

As of writing this, we are in escrow on our new office building and we have an amazing contractor team ready to send their people in to build out the first phase of this next chapter of Future Generations. I was able to share this vision with our team this past weekend and I’ve honestly never felt more close to them and our powerful mission. 

I know they FEEL prepared to help lead, guide and shepherd our community as we embark on this big move. 

After reading all of this, I know there must be a diversity of feelings and responses. Some of you have been catching me on my midday strolls throughout the neighborhood reminiscing about the past 8 years. My wife and I had shed many tears about the office move BEFORE finding out about Luka. We are sad but truthfully, we know we are being led. We know many of you are feeling all the emotions. 

Let’s talk through some of those.

First, I know many of you are just ready. You’re pumped. You’re excited. You’re ALL IN. Share this message with YOUR people and help us GROW this beautiful thing. It’s going to change the county in an even bigger way because we have ALWAYS been fighting upstream in our neighborhood and county… we are being welcomed literally by the higher ups in the city. 

Action: Share our promotion and share with your friends and family that September 6th will be our first day of serving at our new building just off Grand in downtown Escondido

Second, some of you are likely thinking, “this is a big move and drive for me and my family but I am going to make this work. We have received the very best care ever and are part of such a special community. This challenge is only a new habit that I have to commit myself to.” 

Action: Please talk with our team (and Dr. Ryan and I), we know how to inspire and sustain new habits in the day to day. There are so many local attractions to make part of your day and we are only starting to build real relationships with them. 

Third, I know there are some families where coming at your corrective/restorative rhythm will not be sustainable in the long (or short) term. We get it. We’ve always recommended more care than every practice in the county and have the results and community to prove it. You’re probably in the middle of some really amazing change to your health and nervous system. 

Action: Schedule a re-exam and scan today. See if you can take it a month at a time, scan by scan, and we taper your frequency as your clinical metrics allow. Scheduling a re-exam and scan now will inform us if that is a possibility now. 

Last but not least, we know for some of you this move is IMPOSSIBLE. It has already been a stretch to come to us here in Bankers Hill. I promise you we all feel it. I want you to know we didn’t plan it this way, nor would we have chosen it if we were even strategically planning the move at the start of the year. My whole team and family have shed a lot of tears when considering the people who may not be a part of our community for this next chapter. My hope is you will make it up at some point in some form. Come in for that amazing adjustment we are known for. Come hang out in the front office and have the amazingly NORMAL human conversation you know has become so scarce in today’s world. And know you are always seen, heard, valued and LOVED at Future Generations. 

Action: But do yourself and your kids a BIG favor and schedule your final exam, scans and X-rays immediately so we can send you off with the most current understanding of how your nervous system is clinically healing and regulating. This is the single MOST important step. We will be sending along our top referrals for the region and know our clinical work up is far superior than everyone else’s. This step has been essential at helping our community get the best results when families have left the state and started care in other offices.  

In the end, as traumatic as this journey has been regarding Luka, I KNOW there is a lot of Divine Ordination going on here in the timing of things to include this wild challenge of my son’s vision. This is the best option for the future of Future Generations in even more ways than I listed above. It’s best for my family and I, especially given the uncertainty of something so life-changing for us and it gives me the best mission to GROW a real, ALIGNED community around my son who may need more support than we ever planned for. 

But mostly, this vision for the future, especially for those of us STAYING in California, is best and brightest with Future Generations at 324 S. Kalmia, Escondido, CA 92025. Over the next few weeks, I am excited to share with you as much of that as I can see now and the many stories of the amazingness our current space has afforded us. 

Whether you are brand new to the office or you are like the OG patients who have seen me even since my Mira Mesa and La Costa days (circa 10-11 years ago), we hope you come along and share in this bright future together.

Thank you all for being on this journey with us!

Love and appreciate you all,

Dr. Stan


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