I cannot think of a more important role in today’s world than helping expectant mothers navigate our birthing culture in today’s day and age.

Birth has gone from almost 100% in the home roughly 100 years ago, to almost 100% in the hospital.

As a society, we have completely mechanized the whole process AND basically call it a disease state that must be managed.

My wife, Victoria and I, are in this phase of life where we are deeply thinking about how this journey will be for us.

We have taken conscious conception courses and are reading books on birth. Yes, I have read many for my own training, but it becomes very real when you start thinking about bringing a new life on the planet. Really REAL.

“Your Best Birth” as a theme is not just for all of you and our community, but it’s for us too!

We want to bring as much conscious thought into this process for us because we have seen, both clinically and amongst our friends, how challenging the process can be if couples don’t.

There is this phrase in a lot of my post-graduate training that our public brings more thought and intention to vacations than we do our health.

Birth is no different.

But I would assert that birth is a time where moms are already innately bringing more consciousness to the experience.

And as a chiropractic practice focusing on pregnancy, labor and birth, we have a unique opportunity to serve couples embarking on this journey because we see moms from all ends of the spectrum.

Some are planning birth at home in the most natural of environments. They have a doula, they have taken birth education classes (Hypnobirthing, Birthing From Within, etc.), they are getting amazing prenatal care from their midwife and their husbands are totally on board.

Others are planning hospital births with their OB. They feel safe in the hospital and trust their doctor exclusively. They are ok with the interventions that could be a part of their prenatal care, labor and delivery.

Regardless, these are choices that we honor couples for and in either setting, more intention can be brought to them.

In the chiropractic sense, we begin with the premise that Life is Intelligent.

At conception, two half cells come together and 280 days later (plus or minus 2 weeks or so), a 26 billion cell being emerges.

After years of caring for mothers in our community, not once has one told me she consciously controls growing her baby.

Because of this, we encourage our couples to have a team supporting them that supports their unique birth preferences as a couple AND uses NATURE and INTELLIGENCE as a foundation for their recommendations.

Your BEST Birth is couple/mother/patient specific.

Only you know how you want to feel (and function) before, during and after birth.


Prenatal chiropractic care is essential–not only because we know it helps moms function best physiologically– BUT because it has been shown to improve outcomes with fewer unnecessary interventions, more comfort, and more optimal labor times.

We also know that under care in our office, moms tend to THRIVE in pregnancy, labor and birth regardless of the environment.

Our exams and scans afford us objective measurements that assist us in creating the most optimal schedule of care so that we can ensure the best results possible.

However, commitment to care is key.

We pride ourselves in making the best of clinical recommendations because we do not like to take chances with our patients care.

We have clear exam metrics that mothers should be at my the time they are full term so we expect better outcomes.

But it is not just about getting adjusted.

It’s also about being in an environment where you will be loved and cared for regardless of the choice you make.

It’s also about the team that we help our patients build in addition to the care we provide.

Stay tuned for our live sessions, and our posts for this month as they will be focused on empowering you to have Your Best Birth!