By Dr. Ryan Kiser

How does one write a blog on healing?  There is A LOT that goes into healing.  As much as I’d love to bore you with the physiology of healing, I won’t.  What you need to know is that healing happens from the inside out…not outside in.  This is the true philosophy behind chiropractic.  

ADIO means above – down – inside – out.


Brain – spinal cord- spinal nerves – body.

People come to Future Generations with all sorts of issues seeking our help to fix them.  We do not heal you.  Your body heals you.  Now we might be the one that helps facilitate that healing by removing the stress from the body through adjusting the spine, but your body is the one that works everything out after we are done.  

Healing takes time.

Let me repeat that, healing takes TIME.

Everyone heals at a different pace depending on what is going on.  Unfortunately, chiropractic is usually people’s last stop.  They’ve been to their MD, acupuncturist, PT, OT, ST, tried massages, got rid of everything inflammatory, and have tried rubbing lavender on everything before they come to see us.  Commonly, people come in with issues they have had for 10+ years and expect us to fix it yesterday.  It does not work like that.  I wish it did, but it doesn’t.   

With kids, we often see parents who are doing and have tried everything under the sun.  They may have even gotten tremendous results doing what they did, but they cannot quite heal the whole way.  We see a lot of kids who come in and are 80% better than they were, but cannot quite seem to figure out that last 20%.

Enter Future Generations.

When there is stress stuck in the nervous system it can cause a plethora of issues depending on where that stress is stuck.  For example, we see a lot of kids with gut immune issues.  Parents do everything to tackle it and get only so far.  The nervous system controls everything, including the gut immune system.  When there’s stress to the area of the spine that controls this, you will only get so far.  Our job is to figure out where that stress is, and then get rid of it.  Once that stress is removed, the body’s healing potential can go full steam ahead.  Now parents who have tried everything can get their kids to that maximum 100% potential.  

It is not a matter of IF patients will heal when they come to see us, it is a matter of WHEN.  Like I said earlier, every patient heals at their body’s own speed.  We have seen families who have not tried much (occasionally), go through a corrective program of adjusting, get incredible results during this, but we notice GIANT results when we pull off the gas and get into protective care.  Adjustments become less frequent, typically once a week, and this gives the body time to do what it does best.


We also see patients, like one 10 y/o boy recently, whose mom has done everything.  I mean everything.  He is a different kid from where he started his process of healing.  We then get the opportunity to start adjusting him, remove that stress from his system, and his body takes off almost overnight.  Mom saw visual and objective changes almost instantly.  It is wild to see and be a part of, and oftentimes can be hard to believe or hard for the parents to wrap their heads around what is happening.  How does a simple adjustment do so much?

That’s probably another long blog, but not right now.

To wrap up, our body’s have everything they need to be self-healing, self-regulating pieces of art.  Our job is to remove that stress and get out of the body’s way.

If you are someone, or know someone who needs help with healing in any sense, let us know.  Chiropractic is often the last puzzle piece, but should be the first.  At Future Generations, it is our mission to allow our patients to be able to express their health to the maximum degree.