By Dr. Stan Hom

I’ve said for a lot of years that it is extraordinarily HARD to be healthy in this world. 

DD Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, knew back in the late 1800s that the environment was changing so quickly and our body’s ability to express health was being compromised. 

He codified in his 1910 text, The Chiropractors Adjuster, that the cause of subluxation was the inability to adapt to the constantly changing modern environment. 

Fast Forward to today… and you will hear words like “epigenetics” and “environmental medicine” as key understandings modern doctors must master in order to help their patients heal at the root. 

We do this everyday. 

We subscribe to the classifications Dr. Palmer laid out for our profession as the key environmental factors we must teach our patients to navigate.

The three classifications entitled “the 3 Ts” are as follows:  

  • Traumas – back in the day, this was falling off a bail of hay on the farm. Today, it’s things like birth trauma and tech neck. 
  • Toxins – this used to be (and still is) pseudofoods, but today this comes in the form of GMOs, glyphosate, vaccination, and water quality. 
  • Thoughts – DD Palmer called this “Auto-Suggestion” which is essentially the negative, disempowering way we habitually speak to ourselves.

One of my favorite chiropractors on the planet is Dr. Monika Buerger. She is an expert in pediatric neurodevelopment and the environmental factors that affect the normal development of kiddos. She coined the “4th T” which we are all growing more familiar with since it is now impossible to ignore: 

  • Technology – from screens to 5G and EMFs, this is a silent but very biologically valid concern we all need to be aware of. 

With the recent publication of their free ebook “The Sickest Generation”, Children’s Health Defense lays out so clearly the results of a failed chemical-pharma-driven public health paradigm. 

They’ve strategically brainwashed all of us for a century to believe it’s simply bad LUCK we get sick. It’s either bad genes, or bad luck.

“Your genes are the cause and sickness is inevitable.” 

“Germs make you sick no matter what.”

Today, 54% of our kids are currently suffering with a chronic illness. 

Remember those times when parents today were kids??? Our grandparents would talk about their bad hip, or their ‘diabetes’ … then slowly it started with our parents… and insidiously continues to our generation.

But this is where many of us draw the line… with the kids. 

This generation of kids is posturing to live shorter lives than their parents and what does our conventional medical system have to say or do about it? 

More drugs and surgery? 

I am not an alarmist nor am I an antagonistic person BUT I will say, the teens and pre-teens who come to see us are as sick as I was when I got out of the army with chronic gut issues, chronic stress and mental health challenges. One teenager actually said she ‘felt OLD’ recently. 

This month is possibly one of the most important themes we will ever bring to you because it will highlight the ever-toxic and changing environment our systems are having to adapt to. We will focus on all 4 Ts week by week and to be frank… this will NOT be an exhaustive list. 

But it will highlight HOW we can be more aware of the effects of the environment and safeguard our children. 

This month is not meant to instill fear in you as much as it is about empowering you and equipping you with information you can take action on. 

As Dr. Elizabeth Winter ND shared at our Kick the Sick Panel Discussion last week… practicing Environmental Healthcare is something ALL doctors must practice in this day and age IF you care about getting sustainable and powerful results with all age populations and especially kids. 

As a part of the National Family Wellness Alliance, other like-minded chiropractors and myself are committed to ending this trend of illness for our kiddos. We believe in the health potential which resides in every child. While most of the medical community focuses on diseases, symptoms and labels, we are focusing on the innate intelligence just waiting to express itself in every child.  

Be on the lookout for our videos, links and content… they will be life-changing if you commit to a new way of being. 

And as always, watch, like and share our information with your loved ones!