By Kaitlyn Shikada, DC



These 3 values or principles have shown up the biggest in my life since understanding the true power of Chiropractic. My journey into Chiropractic started as a leap of faith. Even with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Exercise Science, I was never taught how the body truly WORKS. When I learned the body is innately intelligent; the nervous system controls the functions of every organ, tissue and cell; the nervous system can be interfered with due to subluxation and these interferences can be corrected; it changed the paradigm of how I viewed science. To know and believe this philosophy is a privilege and an empowering way to experience life.

With our theme this month, “…Because Chiropractic”, it has been humbling to see and hear patient testimonials about what Chiropractic has done for their lives.

Personally, I thank Chiropractic for its role in my college softball career. Freshman through Junior year, close to 150 games played, my body and my batting average were taking a toll and I would take at least 4 Ibuprofen on game-days so I could play without pain. My Senior year was the only season I was under consistent Chiropractic care and I batted over .050 higher than my best season and didn’t have to take a single pain-killer.

At that time when softball was the center most important thing in my life, all of that seemed like the most AMAZING MIRACLE, and it was. But looking back at my entire journey so far, the greatest gift that Chiropractic gave me is awareness of mySELF.

In the more recent parts of my journey while being under consistent Chiropractic care, I have noticed that I have been able to pay attention and listen to what is going on in front of me and how I am FEELing, instead of being consumed by the recurring thoughts inside my head or the physical limitation of my body.

A clearer nervous system has allowed me to be more PRESENT.


Being PRESENT has allowed me to be more CONNECTED to myself and with those around me. Connection to myself has helped me express my needs more clearly and hold space for others to BE.

Being CONNECTED has allowed me to find and express more GRATITUDE…For my life, for others and for all of the experiences that have led me to where I am today.

And this, in my humble opinion, is the true power of Chiropractic.

We are not here to fix you. We are here to hold a safe space for you, to support and help guide you to discover freedom from the shackles of whatever may be holding you back from BEing. We are all in pain, some may experience it in the physical body, the emotional and spiritual being, or even mentally. The chiropractic adjustment facilitates a clearer nervous system, where we are better able to perceive reality. We are better able to see what is happening around us and how we choose to respond. And that is true freedom.


As more people are becoming increasingly aware of their role in the interconnectedness of the world, I truly believe there will be more presence, connection and gratitude. I hope one day our future generations will look back and say…Because Chiropractic.

And hope is a big thing, but actions create the result. YOU are a huge part in our greater vision for the world. Speak your truth, give others the privilege to know what you know, about the greatest force in the universe being within each and every one of us to heal from the inside out. Then we will see the shift toward more consciously connected people, families, communities, states, countries and the world.

Where can you use more presence, connection and gratitude in your life?

With your kids?

With your partner?

With your pregnancy or birth?

In your workplace?

With yourself?

We, here at Future Generations and many of my trusted colleagues in this profession, are dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with the resources and support to facilitate healing and growth in your own journey of yourSELF. We hope to give to you all that Chiropractic has given us, and more.