By Dr. Stanton Hom

As we move into April, it’s hard to say where we are headed. As I type this, it’s a week before the end of the month and when we actually send this blog out to you all.

Everything with regard to COVID-19 and our shelter-in-place mandate can change between now and then. 

As of now, we are grateful we are considered ESSENTIAL health service providers BUT also because you have told us you are grateful to have a place of normalcy in the midst of ever elevating chaos. 

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If you are feeling uncertain in this time, hey… me too. Our own staff member Hannah was asked to not work in the office by her parents and we 100% respect her decision to stay home during this time. 

The theme of this month surrounds preconception health and what I consider the MOST critical factor in conceiving a healthy baby — this was planned prior to the current situation, but it seems timely. 

It’s burnout, overwhelm, or in neurophysiological terms: SYMPATHETIC OVERDRIVE. 

When your nervous system is stuck in survival, FIGHT/FLIGHT/FREEZE, adrenal exhaustion, it’s downright impossible to conceive a baby. Imagine trying to conceive thinking you’re constantly being chased by a sabertooth tiger. 

And if there is a successful conception, having the embryo marinate in cortisol and adrenaline versus the optimal hormonal environment of oxytocin. 

Data shows that mom’s AND dad’s stress affects a growing baby. Although there aren’t many studies looking at stress levels and fertility as of now, it’s common sense isn’t it?

1 in 8 couples have difficulty conceiving. 

This is an easy statistic to find

Keyword above? Couples.

This is so critically important during this time because everyone in the birthing community is talking about how there will be a baby BOOM in 9-10 months. 

This month is going to be more important than ever for you all to stay connected to us because we will be sharing tips on: how to HEAL in a deep way, how to bring balance to your mind in times of crisis, and how to develop tools of resilience and grit while the world is stuck in hysteria and fear. 

We are grateful for you. 

If I don’t say that enough, you should know it’s simply the most predominant feeling when I think about how, on a day-to-day basis, I get to serve you through chiropractic care and health education. 

It’s times like these we need community most. Thank you for being part of ours. Remember to share our stuff with your family and friends who need it.