By Dr. Kaitlyn Shikada

“My kids have never been on antibiotics and have never had an ear infection”.

Gian is a 5 year old kiddo in our practice who has been adjusted since birth. His mom was also adjusted throughour her entire pregnancy with him. Gian is one of the many ChiroKids we are blessed to serve here at Future Generations.

Since birth, Gian was adjusted about once a month because aside from walking toe-in, he seemed like a really healthy child.

In 2017, we as a practice, added an extensive exam process that collated all of what Dr. Stan had learned and done over the years in post-graduate training. This process serves to truly measure and track the function of the nervous system at a deep, clinical level.

We began to recommend the care our patients truly NEEDED based on how their nervous system was functioning in a repeatable and systematic way.

At this time, Gian was 4 years old experiencing:

  • sleep issues
  • nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting)
  • strong sugar cravings
  • some speech challenges
  • a tongue and lip tie

His exam showed:

  • postural asymmetries (left head tilt, right high shoulder, right high hip)
  • bilateral foot flare
  • decreased motion in both SI joints
  • right IT band hypertonicity

When babies are born, they are not fully able to control their movements. Innately, they should have certain reflexes present to be able to do what they need to survive, i.e. eat, sleep, poop PERFECTLY.

Our exam process tests these reflexes to make sure they are present when they are supposed to be, and gone when they should be. At around 12 months of age, babies have more conscious control and no longer need these reflexes.

Gian had retained primitive reflexes at 4 years old. His rooting and suckling reflexes (necessary for breastfeeding) and his spinal galant reflex (necessary for integrating the nerves in the lower spine that control digestion, bowel and bladder) were still present when they were not supposed to be. This demonstrated to us interference in brainstem function.

Part of our exam process also includes performing Insight Subluxation Station Scans to–as objectively as possible–measure the function of the brain body connection through infrared thermography and surance electromyography (EMG).

The first scan is the Rolling Thermal NCM which is measuring heat along the spine. Heat is determined by the amount of blood flow in that area which is controlled by the ability for our blood vessels to dilate and constrict – which we do not have to consciously control.

The second scan is the Static EMG measuring tension of the paraspinal muscles and the motor output arm of the nervous system.

The goal of the scans are to be 1. Clear and 2. Symmetrical. The colors indicate the the severity of interference in an area, in descending order, black, red, blue, green, white.

Looking at his scans thermal scans show above, the ones on the right are from 2017 and the left one year later.

We see a black bar at C1, the top vertebrae in the spine. Not only is it a key window into the parasympathetic nervous system (that aids in rest and digest), it also controls vision, balance, coordination, speech, and the immune system.

When these systems are interfered with, we often see symptoms of colic, ear and sinus infections, difficulty sleeping, speech challenges, ADD/ADHD and overall immune deficiencies.

On the EMG scan results, we see severe interferences in the thoracic and lumbosacral region. Some of the nerves in this area control the spleen, liver, pancreas, kidneys, legs, knees and feet.

Malfunctions in these systems could manifest as blood sugar problems, bedwetting, allergies and eczema, knee/ankle/foot/SI joint pain and tightness and immune deficiencies.

Following the implementation of our updated exam procedures, Gian’s new corrective care schedule was laid out for one year. During this time, he was seen DAILY for the first 2 weeks. As you can see with the 2018 scans, Gian’s system has a lot LESS INTERFERENCE, which allowed him to express the innate wisdom his body has to heal at its highest capacity.

The quote from the very beginning of this blog post is from Gian’s mom. Ear infections are the number one reason for doctor and hospital visits for kiddos. Unlike the 1 in 2 kiddos that will get an ear infection before the age of 1 (and usually more than once), Gian’s body is better able to adapt to his environment. His nervous system and immune function has been optimized.

It’s not that he’s never been sick before, but on the rare occasion when he does have a fever or expresses symptoms of a stomach bug, Gian (and his parents) know those are signs his body is working to adapt and heal itself. They trust how powerful the innate wisdom of his body is.

AND his body is building natural, life-long immunity, the strongest immunity of them all! He is able to Kick the Sick a lot quicker than what’s common for other kiddos and be his happy, high-energetic and loving self.

What an amazing gift and privilege it is to understand how the body is programmed!