By Dr. Kaitlyn Shikada

“The choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is.”

– Oprah Winfrey

Mothers are the epitome of STRENGTH and CREATION. With Mother’s Day this month, our office theme is STRONG as a MOTHER. We are honored to serve all of our moms in the practice, wherever they come to us along their journey.

In this mid-month blog, we are excited to celebrate one of our AMAZING Future Gen Moms!

Paulina is the mother of 2 beautiful and amazing boys. They became part of the Future Generations family when Luka (now 3 years old) was 10 months old because he wasn’t pooping! Luka was in a lot of pain and discomfort because he was pooping only 1 time every 4 days for about 2 months…which we know is NOT normal.

In Luka’s consultation, we discovered that along with some antibiotics and vaccines he received, Paulina’s pregnancy was far from NORMAL. She was violently ill the entire time and pretty much vomited every day until he was born. She also constantly had debilitating headaches which made her lay in bed all day.

Here at Future Generations, we envision a world where natural living, self-brilliance and self-healing are NORMAL in every household. NORMAL function means functioning how our bodies are designed, with full expression of the perfect wisdom inside of us with no interference. Whether it’s constipation, nausea or headaches, these are all effects of an interference in the system that expresses that wisdom.

After committing to Luka’s corrective care plan and removing the interferences from his system, we saw huge improvements and a lot more expression of his innate wisdom!  We are happy to report his bowel movements have been normalized ever since and he even refers to Dr. Stan as “caca” which means poop in Spanish!

After a little over a year with Luka in the practice, Paulina found out she was pregnant with Silas. After all of the amazing clinical and subjective changes we saw with Luka, she finally got herself under care too! (Yes moms, raise your hand if you are also guilty of putting everyone else before yourself!)

The biggest things we found in Paulina’s examination of her nervous system were: an 11lb difference in weight bearing on her R side (from 2 years of carrying Luka), balance issues, decreased range of motion in her neck and SUBLUXATION! She also had a slight diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) which most likely developed through her first pregnancy.

Due to her being pregnant, we did not take x-rays until after she gave birth. But the exam showed evidence of interference in her nervous system, and who better to take care of her than certified prenatal chiropractors?!

Her pregnancy with Silas and her birth experience were night and day different. Her headaches drastically decreased in intensity and frequency, and she was able to go about a normal day even when they did occur. She sometimes forgot she was even pregnant because she wasn’t sick all the time! She had no nausea, no throwing up and didn’t feel super tired all the time. In her own words, she felt pretty NORMAL.

Paulina is aware of the POWER of her nervous system and the importance it has on not only her own health, but the health of her beautiful, growing babies! After understanding the POWER of Chiropractic and seeing it firsthand with Luka, she wanted to make sure she was functioning optimally during her pregnancy and allowing Silas to develop as best as possible.

In her own glowing Google review about her experience here, she says: “We’ve been a part of the Future Generations practice for three years now. Dr. Stan was recommended to me when my then 10 month old was having some digestive issues. Though that is no longer a problem for us I know (we will) be part of the practice for life. My six month old has been a part of the practice since I was pregnant and he truly has been the happiest and easiest baby. All of the office staff is very sweet and they really create a beyond welcoming atmosphere” -Paulina G

Paulina completely embodies the STRENGTH of a MOTHER and we are so grateful to have her and her family thriving in our practice!

To all of our moms, if you can relate to anything you’ve read here, or know someone who could benefit, please share this with them! We love you and love being part of your journey. We are excited to celebrate you this month, and everyday for being the super-heroes that you are!