One year in Escondido and we couldn’t be happier. 🥳 As a team or as a family, BOTH, we are thriving and preparing not only for the celebration of the now, but growing roots and a foundation for the future. 

This past month has been wildly transformative for both my family and the office. About six months ago I started working with a life coach and just recently my wife started working with her as well. I could write an entire thesis on how the last 3 1/2 years has affected families like ours and the wildly important work necessary to heal.

But what’s been absolutely wild about the care that we have received with our coach has been multiple fold. First, healing a lot of the trauma from the last three years. On top of that, my wife and I have both found ways to heal trauma from our childhoods and trauma passed down intergenerationally. Second, it’s wild to recognize how healing this trauma has facilitated so much healing in our kids. We have seen more progress in both of our children in the last month than we have over the last year.

More to follow on who this amazing person is in the future. I will say this, she has been on the podcast and I credit her for getting me past so many significant mental and emotional blockages that I’ve been holding back since at least 2021.

I can tell you that there is so much joy in my heart, and in my life that was unable to express the way it has now.

As I was paying our second year of a 30 year mortgage, it is absolutely wild how different life is now than when Future Generations was founded back in 2012.

Back then I was single, no kids but I already knew that I was going to practice the way we do today. Although I had trained in several of the top offices here in San Diego, I only lasted 4 months in those offices (at most) because I knew there was a greater mission under way that they saw fractions of… you all are becoming more versed in this mission than I would argue any other patients in any prenatal/pediatric chiropractic practice and even more versed than some DOCTORS in the world. 

So as the world begins to shutter in the wake of new announcements of the same old FEAR story of another ____{Fill in the Blank}____ disease, you should know that nothing will change here. 

I remember back to January 2020 when the world was beginning to shut down. 

I didn’t believe it. 

I didn’t think they would pull this part of the playbook then. 

So when they did, at first I didn’t take it seriously because I was used to the story. But once we realized how scared people were, I told my team “This is fake. This will lead to a {mandatory injectable}” and that we should prepare our families for the unrelenting level of fear and anxiety. 

And that’s where we started. 

We reminded people what they had learned. 

We told them that literally every principle of self-healing and self-regulating we ever taught them would apply MORE now than ever. 

So, because there are far more important things to talk about than the same old headlines, this is where I will leave it. Nothing, not one thing, will change here IF and when they bring back their circus. 

As I shared with you as a host of The End of COVID, the SHOW IS OVER. 

No Masks.

No Mandates.

None of it. End of Story. 

We spent three and a half years FIGHTING and you should know we will never leave the arena. You better believe our family, our home and our office is protected and ready IF they ever try what they did in Maui here. If you have not done the work preparing your family for the worst of what they are capable of… so why not start now? 


Here is what Apogee is having the Dad’s do for class one this month. 

  1. Map out your network. Where are your people? What are the routes you would take to get to them? Where is your central location to meet should you need to? 
  2. Assess your food supply. You should have 6 months of an emergency supply. If you need support here, check out these two resources. 
    • We absolutely LOVE Perennial Pastures Ranch and their focus on bulk beef.
      • They are having an amazing event September 23rd at their ranch. 
    • We have been a part of an amazing PMA for over 5 years. We get so much amazing food from Real Food Club. From Eggs to Raw Dairy, Pastured Meats, etc. 
  3. Assess your Emergency Kit. Think about all the things… firearms, water, first aid, generators, etc. 
  4. Learn how to start a fire and be able to do it in any situation.
  5. Be able to purify and drink local water sources 

Why do I share this with you?

Because we have no idea what they will throw at us next. We have no idea how incompetent our governmental leaders and public servants will be in the face of whatever they throw at us.

But I see the above like an insurance policy. Just like driving down the road with no car, health or life insurance would be a risk that none of us in our right mind would take. It is literally the foundational point of an insurance policy to protect your “human life value“. And I see no greater value to life and living a life of incredible purpose, than celebrating your privilege to live.

It’s time to focus on the thing that really matters most. Our version of life will always be in the crosshairs of the system because we are the significant threat to the system. 

It is my commitment to my family and to all of you to celebrate more in life. 

To have more fun.

It has been an absolute joy creating more spaces for play on our property. We have 3 swings that can accommodate ALL ages. We have a climbing dome for our kids that I may or may not have mastered already. I have created about a half mile trail around our property where we don’t need shoes. Where we can have barefoot contact with the earth virtually the entire way around the property. 

To me, this is fun. Being outside in the sun, grounding, breathing in nature… this is fun. 

In about a month, we will be celebrating our first year in Escondido with an anniversary party! We are going to be inviting you all to bring your family and friends for a great party! Music, great food, entertainment, community, speakers, and so much more.

And you better believe that we’re gonna party! Especially if they re-initiate “restrictions”. Why?

Because you’re worth it.

Because your kids are worth it

And we know now, more truth, about how little risk there was especially to our kids. We know now just how many lies they were willing to tell and promote and brainwash the general public into believing. We also know now that we have a lot of allies within our local government.

But mostly, we know now, more than ever, how important we are. Future Generations is a one of a kind Chiropractic practice. And you all represent a one of a kind community that we are grateful to serve every single day.


-Dr. Stan