As we move into the second year of this jaw-dropping lockdown, I can’t help but think about how we got here. What has been coming up for me is something very foundational. For over 100 years there has been an indoctrination of a specific belief system which has led us to where we are today. And if we recognize we can not only change it, but re-install a completely new belief system, then the whole house of cards begins to fall. 

This is a big assertion I am making; that one belief can lead to an entire global population tolerating all of the oppression which has been laid upon the world..

This belief system is really simple: the pharma-driven “cartel”, has made us believe we are innately, genetically and biologically programmed to fail. 

I want you to think about that for a second because this is the crux of the matter. 

If we collectively believe we get sick by random chance, we believe we are completely vulnerable to anything on the outside– whether it is a virus or anything outside of you.

As a result of this belief system and the system of medicine it’s meant to serve, we now have a level of global chronic illness so severe it cripples families financially, mentally, and  physically. It’s so pervasive, it cripples governments. 

In case you have not see these in our previous blog posts, here are the statistics: 

  • 60-75% of the global population has at least one chronic disease
  • 54% of our kids have at least one chronic illness 
    • 1 in 4 has asthma
    • 1 in 6 has neurodevelopmental delay
    • 1 in 11 has ADHD
    • 1 in 13 has a severe food allergy
  • 1 in 6 couples have difficulty conceiving

The truth of the matter is, that belief system couldn’t be more wrong.  

As we move into April and the second year of an unseen level of lockdown, I wanted to start by normalizing what you experience in our space. Our office is a microcosm of what’s actually possible for humanity. 

In this microcosm which is our office, we see a very tangible difference between babies who are born through our practice versus babies and kids who are referred to our practice. This is not meant to marginalize any of the kids or families who come to us as much as it is to hold accountable the system of healthcare which has led to poor health outcomes globally. Those who are referred to our practice represent the common statistics we see listed above. But those who come through our practice don’t represent those commonplace statistics at all.  

Is that luck? Is that random chance? Or is it actually part of our biological makeup to be vibrantly healthy for life?

I will say, I am wholly against medical mandates and especially for products which have not been thoroughly tested for safety. But even thinking about this whole concept of normalizing health, I would never want to mandate chiropractic or any other holistic form of healthcare. 


Because it destroys OWNERSHIP which I believe is so important to leading a healthy and empowering life. 

This past month I was asked to teach a class on Normalizing Vibrant Health For Life  for a new non-profit organization called Health Freedom for Humanity and I came up with 5 principles to OWN. I would like to share these with you because I firmly believe they are foundational to not just realizing health, but SUSTAINING it over generations. 

Principle #1:  There is a Universal Intelligence in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.

Very simply, there is Order in the Universe and there is Order in our bodies. Everything in the body (and life) operates from a place of CAUSE – EFFECT. And by order in the body… most of us don’t realize the infinity of physiological functions which occur without us knowing it. 

Every 4 weeks we break down and regenerate EVERY cell in our liver. 

Every 5 days we get a new stomach lining. 

Every 11 days we get new taste buds.

And we don’t have to consciously control this process! 

How considerable is this ORDER? 

It is most obvious when we look at the data surrounding Hunter Gatherer societies and when we recognize the FACT that our genes haven’t changed in 10-40,000 years. The prevalence of Chronic Illness in the History of Humanity  was virtually ZERO UNTIL western industry penetrated society. 

The work of Weston A. Price confirms this. 

Principle #2: There is only one way onto the planet – the gestational process of pregnancy. 

Gestation has been described as the most miraculous form of love and compassion which we are all birthed with. There is no escaping this! 2 half cells to 26 billion cells in roughly 280 days and not one mother has ever consciously thought about the whole process. 50,000 neuronal connections plasticize per second in utero to help baby prepare for life earthside. 

Primitive Reflexes program from 8 – 24 weeks to prepare baby to sleep, poop, eat, FUNCTION OPTIMALLY at birth and some of these reflexes even make a baby an active participant in the gestational process. 

Principle #3: Nature needs no help. Just full NOURISHMENT and NO interference. 

There is an epigenetic EXPECTATION each species has uniquely to its own genome. Humans absolutely need to eat, move and think like HUMANS. We also need proper SLEEP, connection to self/FAMILY/others/God/Nature, COMMUNITY. And dare I say HEALTHY conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  

If we look at a single day of the modern human’s life and compare it to these ancestral cultures, it is clear in the research today this discrepancy (qualitative and quantitatively) is the root cause of diseases of civilization. 

Now does this mean we all need to go live in the bush to heal? For some YES, but for others, perhaps a major change in food intake or movement practices are a good place to start. Any food with better farming practices from local sources would be a great start and committing to local hikes would also be a powerful addition. 

Why is chiropractic ESSENTIAL? Because chiropractic uniquely helps the body navigate gravity which is founded upon proper movement and alignment of the spine. Unless someone is planning to leave EARTH and live in an anti-gravity environment,  you need a healthy spine and nervous system. 

What else are ESSENTIAL? There is an epigenetic EXPECTATION that each species has uniquely to its own genome… 

  • We need to Eat, Move, Think and Sleep like humans do. 
  • Connection to Self and Community 
  • Connection to Faith and Nature
  • Healthy Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum for mom and baby (ahem, Dad too)

Principle #4: The body’s ability to heal is far greater than we’ve been led to believe

Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, Acupuncture, German New Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine and all other modalities of healing “work” BECAUSE the healing capacity of the body is always striving for balance. The reversal of chronic illness practitioners like us experience, is not solely due to the brilliance of the method or the practitioner… it’s because that is what our bodies are trying to do. 

If you look at the work of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, they have been documenting placebo for years. They have a downloadable PDF of all the published incidences of “Spontaneous Remission” of some of the most chronic and ‘terminal’ illnesses. 

There is NO disease the body has not been able to heal. 

That’s just one side of the coin. What about patients in our practice (and those like ours) who stay OUT of the system. These patients/families get adjusted, live holistically well and do not abide by the governmental/pharma driven recommendations which often mandate you to absolve all personal responsibility to someone/something outside of you. 

What are their trends? Virtually zero chronic illness in their kids AND moving towards remission in the adults. Is this LUCK? Or is this how we are literally made? 

Principle #5: Aim for TRANSFORMATION, TRUST your body

I will just say the bar is set low. And this is the intention of conventional medical thinking. Judging a successful healthcare outcome of less symptoms is NOT healthcare at all. It’s disease management. Why is this important? 

Because many of us use natural healthcare in the same model and level of thinking. If you get adjusted, do so with the intention of transforming your life. If you receive acupuncture, do so with transformation as your goal. The same goes for eating a damn orange. 

1% of transformative change CONSISTENTLY over time may not be a dramatic change symptomatically in a minute, day or week but over time… even a plane traveling from SD to NYC with a 1 degree difference in trajectory will end up in a different destination, but the converse is true as well. If we aren’t where we would LOVE to be healthwise, we need radical consistent change. 

At the end of the day, when people GET this, they experience transformation in thought first and when they take consistent and massive action they see it manifest. I strongly believe we would not have tolerated — not for a second– the past year of lockdowns and oppression if we understood and committed to living into the above. 

When one person transforms and heals, a family does. 

When a family transforms and heals, a community does. 

When a community does, a city does. 

And so on… what is possible for the world if we choose to transform? What if they emphasized 1% of this blog to the world over the last year? 

It’s not everything nor am I all-knowing BUT what I do know is we were told NONE of the above in the last year and to me that is a crime against humanity for another blog.