My wife’s birthday and Mother’s Day are almost always on the same weekend. On one end, it’s awesome to focus so much love and attention on her, but on the other end, I try my best not to dilute either. 


She’s always been the reason for all of it, and now that we have kids… there is no-thing in life that is not for them and the world we share with all of you. 


I will say that this birthday and Mother’s Day is uniquely special for us. My wife has devoted incredible amounts of work towards her own healing that spans all the way back to some major events experienced as a brand new mom almost 5 years ago.


Without getting into too many details, there was an old text group titled “Alana Mei Fan Club” (our oldest is Alane Mei Hom), and exactly ZERO of those ‘bestie’ women are currently close friends with my wife.


Back then, we were judged for being “too radical”.


With health. 

With pregnancy. 

With birth.

…and the nail in the coffin was, as it has been for many of you, the decisions we had already made regarding shots for our unborn child. 



It’s important to note exactly ZERO of these friends had children, and only one does today; the mother is the only one who has returned to our circle (in a less intimate way). 


One of my friends, Melissa Hemphill, has this amazing quote, “you can’t un-become a mother.” I thought this quote was one of the most succinct and powerful statements that themes virtually everything we have done for over a decade at Future Generations. 


It’s something I say to young parents-to-be all the time, but in a different way… 


“Babies don’t get smaller, slower, less intelligent, less curious, or less brave. At some point, they outnumber you. There is no pause, rewind button, or return policy.” 


I typically say it in a light and comedic way, but it always lands.


In this phase of the human journey, we don’t often sit in awe of life itself on a daily basis, as we should (especially culturally). We rarely start and end each day with gratitude for even the breath that we take, and so many precious moments fly by with us barely seeing that WONDER… 


At first glance, what I want parents to realize is the permanence, yet impermanence of life. 


I say these things too often, but for many, it still doesn’t click. No offense to Dads, but I don’t think dads get this to the depth that mothers do… BIOLOGICALLY. I do think we are better than we’ve ever been as fathers, especially the dads we have in our practice currently, but I think we have a long way to go. 


For mothers, yes it’s spiritual. Yes, it’s part of a woman’s pro-creative divinity. However, I think it’s purely biology.


Mothers build babies from 2 half cells. In 9 months, a 26 billion cell being emerges with the full consciousness of the most magnificent nervous system in all of the knowable universe. 


50,000 neuronal connections form PER second in utero, and that leads to trillions of synaptic connections that literally program babies to self-heal, self-adapt, and self-regulate; in a deeper way, it helps babies simply LIVE. 


Mothers take that specific egg, on that specific month, and that ONE winner (out of 100,000,000 sperm) and conceive, grow, and birth that baby… 


After interviewing thousands of moms at this point, not one has ever said that this process is conscious. 


It is our DESIGN. 

It is our connection to the Infinite Intelligence that literally creates ALL matter with the Spirit I am humble to say science will only ever be able to tell a fraction of. 


Some of my best teachers over my lifetime defined this process as the greatest form of love, compassion and wisdom our world has to offer. 


And you know what? 


There is no opting out. It is the ONLY way onto the planet, whether you know your mother or not, and I think that’s a pretty amazing fact. 


As we move through one of my personal favorite months, where I get to celebrate my beautiful wife – the powerful mother of our two amazing kids, I pray that you and yours celebrate the mothers in your life!


For being the guardians of the most sacred trust that we will ever know.


Thank you for making the world go ‘round. 

Thank you for standing up for your babies. 

Thank you for raising beautiful, powerful beings who will be co-creating this world with mine. 


I cannot be more indebted to you. 

We could not stand in more noble service to you. 


We love you. 


Happy Mothers Day, 


Love and appreciate you all 💛