Often in times of uncertainty, there can be a wealth of misinformation spread, especially in today’s digital age. As a leading healthcare authority in our community, we wanted to reach out to our patients regarding the COVID-19 virus, and to let you know the steps we are taking to alleviate any potential concerns. At Future Generations Clinic of Chiropractic, our number one priority has always been the health and safety of our patients. 

I wanted to send a lot of love to all of you in this time of what seems like a lot of hysteria. With the shelter-in-place order by most governors, we are seeing something rather unprecedented for our generation. 

If your family has been affected by the actual virus with a death or an illness, our hearts go out to you. PLEASE let us know how we can support you in any way.  If your business or job has been affected PLEASE let us know as well. 

For many of you the stress alone is SO MUCH. This is why we are open… 

We know stress affects the nervous system in such a deleterious way and that simply makes our systems more vulnerable physiologically. 

Let me be clear…Chiropractic does not treat nor does it directly prevent COVID-19. 

In the entire time I have been in practice, I have NEVER stated we treat any condition. 

Chiropractic does optimize the function of the nervous system so your body can adapt to a multitude of life stressors better. The chronicity of stress and our body’s inability to adapt to it is the root cause of all chronic problems that exist today. 

From many entities including California, chiropractic has been deemed an Essential Healthcare Service – many of our licensing boards, trade associations, etc. For those of you who have made it in, which is many of you, thank you for telling us how it has made a world of difference. 

What we’re doing in the office:

According to the latest reports from the CDC and other national healthcare providers, the current health risks are minimal for most age groups. We recommend all of our patients to wash their hands frequently, avoid close contact with people who are sick, and stay home if you aren’t feeling well. 

At Future Generations, we follow strict cleaning policies for the protection of both our staff and our patients. Each staff member maintains rigorous personal hygiene standards as well preparing for every patient interaction. We use disinfectants across the entire office, with room cleaning after each patient to ensure a safe and clean environment. These processes have always been of utmost importance in our office and will continue to be the standards we uphold for our community.


  • Dr. Stan washes his hands between adjustments
  • Adjustment tables are cleaned with disinfectant wipes between patients
  • The classroom space is available for patients to spread out
  • High-touch areas are cleaned with disinfectants regularly throughout the day
  • Patients are surveyed prior to attending appointments
  • Private entrance is available for patients wanting to avoid any contact with others

Please rest assured that we are following local and national updates daily and will continue to maintain the highest level of safety and patient care that you have come to expect.