It isn’t a mystery today that our children are more sick than ever. 

Our world is changing so fast and our kids have to adapt in more ways than ever. Whether it’s staying home from school, the influx of Zoom and other technological necessities for education, isolation from friends, the constant masking of themselves and others, or simply the persistent fear of an invisible virus that can take our lives at any moment. 

The world kids are growing up in is vastly different than the one many of us parents experienced. 

And that change is NOT stopping. 

I’m so grateful to hear how many parents in our community have chosen to: maintain or increase community during this time, never wear masks or force their kids to wear masks, decided they never want to see the kids in public school again because of the constant changes and have chosen to homeschool.

It actually isn’t a mystery in the peer-reviewed data that COMMUNITY is IMMUNITY. 

I’m grateful for so many of you who have chosen to increase your vibrancy, health and resilience throughout this time versus letting this time rob us of our health–mentally, physically and spiritually.

That leadership will make a massive impact on your children NOW and in the future. 

Every day I hear a common thread from my patients who have conventionally-focused pediatricians. There’s a theme which highlights many of the common challenges our patients experience as newborns, children, and teens. 

Today, 54% of our kids are expressing some sort of chronic illness as a part of their health expression and what’s happening in many pediatricians’ offices is a common prognosis: 

  • That’s normal. 
  • They will grow out of it. 

In our world of chiropractic and natural health, there is a very important distinction which makes this prognosis one of the most damaging in healthcare today. 

Just because something is common today does not make it normal. 

Common challenges from colic in newborns, to digestive disorders like reflux and constipation, to learning challenges like ADHD and seizures are completely normalized by our conventional medical system. This goes against everything known in the science of biology, the fields of neuroplasticity and epigenetics and all the cutting edge science that surrounds healthcare today.

At the end of the day, the challenges kids will face in the near future will only become more severe. I am not trying to be grim, but more so real. I’ve seen it for 11 years of clinical practice. The conventional medical community has normalized disease in our kids for decades now and they have not even mentioned the fallout happening with all of the mandates and changes in the last year.

Not only is the disease “NORMAL”, but so is the ever-increasing severity. That’s just not biologically plausible (a phrase consistently used to besmirch natural health care methods).

If you look at the data on hunter gatherer societies or the work of Weston A. Price, you know that chronic disease was never a part of the human experience so long as we lived in accordance with our innate genetic expectation. 

That sounds a little complex… but it’s actually very simple. We are humans and we should do what humans did for eons of time before healthcare was ever a thing. 

When you take biology in college, human biology is a completely different course. It’s easier sometimes when we look at other animals. 

We would never feed a gorilla what is native to a giraffe. 

We would never have rhinoceroses living where polar bears would. 

We would never have a chicken run with leopards. 

Chickens running with leopards is a little weird, but you get the point. 

We have had a century of conventional healthcare indoctrinating us to believe we are apart from nature instead of a part OF nature. 

If the fish in the great lakes laid brittle eggs as they have in the past or if the leaves of our fiddle leaf fig tree were going brown, would we think “what drug do we give it?”.

What we know and what basic science supports, is if we give the species (including humans) what their genes expect, the species will thrive. 

I can hear some of you saying, “We do this already! Why are my kids still not thriving?”. 

Great question. 

Our species has had centuries of living outside of our genetic expectation and our nervous systems are holding onto levels of stress that we now start our lives with. 

Extremely stressed and chronically ill adults are conceiving children. Our pregnancies and birth (especially in the last year) are steeping mommas in stress. The last year has left so many children STUCK in stress– especially in the rare but impactful social settings. 

This is all STUCK in the nervous system. 

This is why chiropractic is so important. 

First, we know health, vibrancy, resilience and grit are NORMAL. Because we start there, we can identify observationally where the nervous system is interfered, but beyond that we measure it. Every scan, exam and X-ray is our metric into understanding the WHY behind your child’s ‘abnormal’ presentation. As patients heal and become more free of their symptoms, we stay the course of measuring objectively the functional capacities BEYOND symptoms. 


We need to know our ROOT SOLUTIONS for your child’s root CAUSES are working. 

Our kids, ALL OF THEM, are having a much harder time navigating our ‘new’ world. Parents, you are ROCK STARS and are doing the very best you can supporting and loving your kids. Do everything you can to make certain you can make their world match what their genes expect and continue the work we are doing to ensure their nervous systems are free of interference and therefore adapting to the world optimally. 

We are 100% here for you in any capacity and always looking clearly at COMMON vs. NORMAL.