By Dr. Stan Hom

When I was in chiropractic school, we would see quotes from top athletes around the world praising chiropractic care as a key part of their success. 

I’ve actually gotten to learn from Jeff Spencer, who at one time was medical director for Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France team. 

I later learned that Aaron Rodgers’s dad is a chiropractor and he’s been adjusted virtually his whole life. 

Many of the world’s leaders in the self-healing movement are in fact chiropractors. Namely Dr. John Demartini, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Donny Epstein (who is Tony Robbins’s go-to chiropractor). 

It is a huge deal that every NFL football team had a chiropractor on staff. There is even a Pro Football Chiropractic Society. When I was in chiropractic school, the medical director for the US Olympic Team and many of the doctors on staff were chiropractors. 

But what got me into chiropractic school was this picture hanging in my office of Dr. (COL) Mark Losack. He is pictured adjusting a soldier in Iraq, and his story is incredible. 

He had graduated chiropractic school as a Marine reservist. He had already served an entire career in the active duty. Upon graduation and licensure, he received orders to deploy to Iraq and at first, served on the general staff in the Tactical Operation Center. 

When he saw the state of the soldiers at his Forward Operating Base, he started to adjust some of the soldiers after hours. He got so popular, the medical team and the general staff started to notice. The military personnel were seeing him for a host of health challenges, but unexpectedly they noticed a heightened ability to perform all duties. 

As it goes in the conventional healthcare arena, the military medical team sent down the order to “cease and desist” chiropractic for fear of injury and because it had not been approved.

Dr. Losack did not stop and his commanding officer actually came to his side and said, “He is keeping our men in the fight. He will continue.” 

This was my experience, personally. Chiropractic care helped catalyze a healing in my mind and body– and still does today. 

These results are not reserved for the military. They are for anyone who is ready to take on a greater existence in life. 

Stress is ubiquitous today.  

But no one really trains the body to ADAPT BETTER. 

In our practice, we have doctors, engineers, nurses, PhDs, researchers, veterans, MOTHERS and FATHERS, and a host of others who are facing demands like never before. 

If chiropractic care is good enough for Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, and some of the best of the best in our military, why not for you and your whole family?

We have seen so many miracles,even just this year! 

  • Students telling us they have made the Honor Roll for the first time. 
  • Parents who have been able to, not only withstand the pressures of parenting, but move through trials and tribulations with more confidence and clarity. 
  • Military personnel who are showing us the depth of healing that can happen while still in uniform. Veterans healing just like I did. 
  • Teachers able to navigate the unpredictable classroom better than ever. 
  • Athletes performing at their best both mentally and physically. 
  • Parents checking in because their little ones under care are ahead.
  • Dancers performing better and able to sustain longer. 

Chiropractic is extremely effective at healing things naturally, but that’s not what chiropractic is truly about. 

Natural healing is the SIDE EFFECT of chiropractic’s ability to help the body perform at its very best. 

Regardless of the age, gender, demographic, profession, etc. chiropractic helps your body and mind perform at its highest capacity. From conception through pregnancy, and infancy and beyond, chiropractic for the whole family is the foundation to all natural health.