The brilliance of Gratitude:

“What we want from our relationships is not lukewarm tolerance, grudging acceptance but openhearted appreciation for who we are.” – Dr. John Demartini

I still remember the first expectant mothers I was so honored to care for earlier in practice. Many of you are still a part of our tribe. I can remember the clinical aspects of their prenatal chiropractic care and also the relational aspects… there are few things more fulfilling in practice than witnessing the sprouting family trees we are influencing for the positive.

It’s truly what fuels us.

While I believe it is our obligation as healthcare providers to serve from a full heart, I am always totally amazed how much my patients give to us. One of the greatest gifts was the level of gratitude I began to feel for my parents. Witnessing the transformation that pregnancy is and observing the sheer brilliance of nature as pregnant women blossom into these powerful young mothers is awe-inspiring (Yes yes yes, watching some of amazing dads come through our space is amazing as well)… quite honestly, I don’t think there is a greater display of the wisdom that permeates us all that seeing families grow.

This month our theme is Gratitude and in my humblest opinion I don’t think there is a more necessary feeling in the universe.  And the above quote, if applied, can be infinitely valuable for our world today. I want you to know that we appreciate every single one of you.

In our ever-diverse world, these levels – tolerance, acceptance, appreciation – could not be more valid at solving the challenges we face today. It isn’t a mystery that our world is polarized now more than ever and before we point fingers at the other side of the fence, I think it’s really important we take account for ourselves: our beliefs and actions.

Recently former special forces operator, Nathan Boyer commented in an article posted on

“Simply put, it seems like we just hate each other; and that is far more painful to me than any protest, or demonstration, or rally, or tweet. We’re told to pick a side, there’s a line drawn in the sand “are you with us or against us?””

We see this polarization with the race issues today and believe it or not, we see this in the birth community and in many of the families who tell us stories of guilt/shame they’ve received for the choices they’ve made in raising their children.

It needs to change. Full Stop. And it begins with us… I believe wholeheartedly we are aiming too low.

Instead of aiming for barely tolerating another, how about seeing the ways where everyone can be appreciated. Yes, everyone.

That has been one of the greatest gifts this work has done for me. Seeing so many young couples navigate the transformation into full-fledged parents helped me heal my relationship with my own parents.

My dad had two optometry practices for 40 years in Los Angeles. I am in year 8, and I am humbled. To have the tenure, commitment and love for his service is something I try to embody daily.

My mom honestly, did EVERYTHING else: took my sister and I to every sports practice, made every meal, planted every seed, fixed every problem, and in the end made sure we were healthy, happy and provided for. She taught me that EVERYTHING is possible.

He and my mother, to this day, are the most reliable, generous and supportive people in my life.

If you find yourself stuck in battle, take several steps back, get a little space as physical space creates space in your head and your heart… maybe take some time away from the person, place or thing… but do the following…


  1. Change your Posture (Ahem, sit up — it’s really hard to be negative while you have great posture)
  2. Change your Breathing (through your diaphragm, this among many things, engages your parasympathetic nervous system and vagus nerve to begin the self-healing process)
  3. Ask yourself the question… How is this ON THE WAY to my dreams? (most of us think our biggest stresses are obstacles ‘in the way’ of our dreams)
  4. Write down as many answers as you can think of… (writing down answers seals your intangible thoughts into a more tangible re


Every challenge just like every bit of love, is for you. Teaching you, mentoring you, guiding you to learn the things you need to be more of your potential as a mother, father, child, son, daughter, human being on this planet…

Raise your standard, really appreciate others, and see your life transform.

It may not be the first time you do it. It may not be the 50th. But every iteration plants another seed that will blossom into appreciation.  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity to Serve.