Community is Immunity. Community is Everything.

I believe this to be true at the core of my being. 

We can look at it scientifically and realize all the data shows that when we are with others, have loving support from others and connect on a deeper level, we, as humans thrive. 

We can look at it evolutionarily and know this to be true. Whether based on our nervous system evolution or the mere fact we are social beings,. 

But we can’t see each other these days. 

In our home state of California, our ability to leave our homes, show our faces, or even celebrate holidays together is completely infringed upon or prohibited. 

This blog is meant to highlight the WHYs behind so many regulations are not simply unjustified according to the data we have been covering for months now, but they are clinically dangerous and socially detrimental given the shockingly low death count (infectious fatality rate, case fatality rate, etc.). 

When it comes to our kids, there is a 99.998 survival rate for C19 and that’s IF they get an infection which mind you is not equivalent to a positive PCR test (which basically tells you if you have the virus in your nostril). Apparently, according to Erykah,  you can have it in one nostril but not the other. 

No one asks the obvious questions like:

Why the high survival rate with no known cure? 

Why is it that we can have 4 back to back tests and have 2 positives and 2 negatives like Elon Musk? 

Why a curfew in California? Does the ‘Rona come out in droves after 10pm? 

Why shutdown schools when kids are not in the risk group?

Why are churches closed but strip clubs open? 

Why are we singularly focusing on one factor (cases) and ignoring every other (low number of deaths from C19, and the skyrocketing cases of child abuse, domestic violence, suicide attempts, addiction, unemployment, closed businesses, ruined livelihoods, mental illness… do I need to go on?)? 

Why did some state governors force positive C19 cases into ill-equipped nursing homes?

In my recent episode with the amazing Del Bigtree, he states very clearly that the censorship (and omission bias) is clearly spreading faster than and is far more dangerous (and in my humble opinion, deadly) than the virus. 

He said because we are shutting down the questions completely. 

There is no dialogue.

There is one narrative and at its core, it is isolating us and slowly, but consistently breaking down the fabric of society: community. 

I will say clearly here, that we (my family, our practice, and our podcast) will never stand for the destruction of community. 

We had a lowkey Halloween party that we intentionally didn’t broadcast, and about 62 of you showed up. 

We had our Grateful Gathering outdoors at Liberty Station and we had over 80 of you take part. 

We will have a Christmas party for our kids that we cannot wait to host.

And, on December 12, we are hosting a Freedom Revival live and in person. We have some of the most influential truth-seekers/tellers on the planet sharing what they’ve uncovered since the beginning of the lockdown. 

We will be covering all the data and science on C19 including the latest data on the vaccine. We are going to be covering the political aspects of totalitarian control. We will cover how you can increase your health and vibrancy because of the hysteria, chaos and fear. We will cover the dangers of censorship and where to get the whole picture. We will cover the mindsets and skill sets we all must have to safeguard our mind, heart and soul from the pervasive fear.

The concept of community is being completely trampled upon. We cannot be with our friends and family. We cannot see faces. We are being forced into our homes. The government seems to be so powerful today they can cancel holidays. 

But one thing we don’t realize is that is true ONLY IF WE LET THEM. 

I recognize many of us may not have the fortitude to stand up to the overreach of government by going out to a rally or protest.

But one thing we can all do is be with each other and be there for each other in a much bigger way in spite of AND because of the mass craziness. 

Too many of you have reached out telling me that someone you love has attempted or committed suicide. I promise you, and this is anecdotal, 3-5x the number of even positive tests from C19 and infinitely more than deaths from C19. 

But I want to challenge you, to search in your heart and pray to your Maker, and ask yourself what world do you want our future generation to inherit from us?

It’s time we stand up, JOIN US, December 12th. Especially if you feel trepidation and fear. The degree to which we feel fear is exactly the level that we must commit to our FREEDOM. 

From my family to yours, WE LOVE YOU ALL.