By Dr. Ryan Kiser

I have officially been a member of the Future Generations family for roughly 9 months and it has been a tremendous experience thus far.  As of about a week ago, I’ve been in practice for 11 years…just a few months shy of Dr Stan.  It is without a doubt that I can say this is the happiest I’ve been in practice.  I finally feel like I’m practicing the way I’ve always wanted to.  We are practicing in a pediatric heavy, nervous system based environment and we are thriving, but more importantly, so are our patients.

If you’ve been to other chiropractic offices in the past, it is immediately clear that Future Generations is different.  It is a very welcoming and playful (because KIDS) environment.  We are meticulous in our exams and it seems like we are constantly checking the progress of our patients…which is how it should be.  Many offices I’ve worked in have done some of the same, or nothing at all in terms of finding out the objective issue. As a result of our attention geared towards objective issues and our focus on the ADJUSTMENT, we have seen incredible results during my short tenure here.  

Not only has our office grown by staff and doctors, but our patients have been able to do things they didn’t think possible or were told weren’t possible.  Chiropractic always seems to have a different idea in mind.  The doormat in front of our office reads “expect miracles,” and I’d say that’s very fitting.

Naturally, we’ve seen the obvious results in our adult patients (yes, we see them too)…things like less pain and more mobility, but we’ve also seen improved energy levels, better moods, improved sleep, and improved immune function.  The last being quite important right now because of some virus or something.  Those would have to be the most common reports from our “elder” patients.  

With our pediatric population, it has been an absolute whirlwind of results which pretty much cover everything possible.  It has been an absolute joy to watch these kids begin to thrive and return to NORMAL function.  We’ve seen things like improved digestion and sleep almost immediately.  Thankfully for me, there have been no diaper blowouts while I’ve been on the table…the kids seem to last JUST long enough for me to hand them back to mom or dad.  We’ve also seen…

  • Speech improvements
  • Coordination improvements
  • Primitive reflex resolution
  • Decreased ADD/ADHD
  • Decreased tantrums
  • Proper hand coordination
  • Scoliosis resolution
  • Less hitting
  • Decreased accidents
  • Eczema improvement
  • Too many high 5s to count…when they weren’t a thing for these kiddos
  • Home births
  • A free birth
  • Proper eating with hands
  • ABCs and color identification
  • Less picky with food choices/increased eating
  • Sibling acknowledgment
  • Emotion acknowledgment
  • Family healing
  • Grade improvement
  • Increased patience 


Pretty amazing right?  I knew this was all possible, but can’t say I’ve ever seen it firsthand.   Having now seen it firsthand, I can see truly how powerful chiropractic is.  I’m blessed to be part of a profession that I basically stumbled into.  I’m even more blessed to be part of Future Generations.  Seeing all of this firsthand has shown me how powerful our bodies are, and how easy it can be to restore “normal.”  We always say our kids aren’t advanced, but they are operating normally.  “Normalize normal” is a hashtag/phrase we like to use around the office.  

Like I said earlier, I’ve now been in practice for 11 years and have worked in many different offices.  All of them were extremely different, with their own pros and cons.  I’ve worked in a high-end concierge-style office where I worked for 3 months on the set of Star Trek.  After that whirlwind, I worked in an office somewhat similar to FG, but I had zero idea as to what was going on.  The next few offices were also similar to FG, but still had/did things that did not resonate with me and how I wanted to practice.  Many times over the last 11 years I thought about quitting chiropractic because I never felt fully engaged.  I had meetings, looked at other fields, talked to multiple friends, but thankfully stuck with it even though I was burnt out.  

I had ideas, but never really knew if I could leave this profession called chiropractic.  Thankfully, I went to school with both doctors I now work with, Dr. Stan and Dr. Mijares.  I’ve always looked up to Stan and the office he has created.  I always enjoyed covering the office while he was out, or if he needed extra help.  Now, 9 months in, I find myself more fired up than ever.  I find myself re-engaged in the profession.  I enjoy going to work.  I’m looking forward to the following year more than ever before.  I can’t wait to see where we take Future Generations in 2022.  Our ability to serve our patients in 2021 grew exponentially, and in 2022 I truly think we will become the premier office in Southern California (which I’m pretty sure we already are with patients commuting from all over SD county, Gardena, Calexico, and Temecula).