Whether we know it or not, our beliefs create our reality.

Our beliefs can be SO STRONG that people are willing to die and kill for them.

I know this maybe a morbid way to begin a blog but in my last blog, I wrote about how chiropractors consciously CHOSE to go to jail for the PRINCIPLE of CHIROPRACTIC.

They chose to go to jail for their beliefs.

But the title of this blog is YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY.

I don’t know if there is a more powerful perspective to take and make your own in the world.

This has been a point of many authors in the past from James Allen’s “As a Man Thinketh”(1903) to a book I mentioned in the last video of last month’s live sessions, “Ethics for a New Millennium” by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

We live in very polarized times.


Everyone is pointing the finger at someone else for one reason or another.

We hear phrases like “millennials are entitled” or claims about one political party versus another.

Everything we see on the news is bought by some sponsor and it seems like chaos is all around us. (Ahem, Sharyl Attkisson is one of my heroes)

But there is a small subset of human beings on the planet who believe and live into this phrase:


I had to learn this later on in life.

I spent a grand majority of my life believing in what the mainstream thought.

I had no idea how manipulated messages are these day and how important it is for us to SEEK TRUTH.

Let me tell you a little about how and when I started to think for myself. It all related to chiropractic education believe it or not.

When I was in first trimester chiropractic school I was on pace to get straights A’s for the first time in my life. Despite being a smart kid growing up and in college I never topped a 3.8 GPA for any semester in school.

My best semester as of that date was a 3.83 GPA when I entered the pre-med track of the Chemistry major at West Point.

As I was preparing for finals in grad school semester one and super excited at the opportunity to achieve something I never had before, I found myself NOT studying.

At all.

Instead of studying, I was captivated by a book titled “Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton – a man who not only had tenure at the University of Wisconsin, Madison Medical School but also taught at Stanford.

You see, I had been a chiropractic patient by that time for about 3 years and I had already experienced what it was like to have a total transformation in how my body healed itself. In 2005, my body and mind healed from PTSD, Chronic GI issues, Chronic Stress and Pain.

Many of you have asked me if I have ever suffered in the past and the truth is, of course. Who hasn’t?

Up until that time, I had read books about nutrition, about exercise and lifestyle and meditation/mindset but it wasn’t until this book that I began to see the scientific basis behind self-healing.

And behind the Innate Intelligence we are ALL BORN WITH.

The body’s ability to heal itself is not only scientific, it is a given if you give it was it needs and avoid the things it doesn’t need.  


But in the title is the power.

The Biology of Belief.

It’s Biology.

The ability to shape your mind and life is not only a choice. It’s SCIENCE.

The greatest science I know.


Most of us have never been taught about the power of our beliefs.

Most of us have never been taught that our beliefs are rarely even our own.

One of my best mentors would always say…….

We get our beliefs from our Mothers, Fathers, Teachers and Preachers.

But neurologically, this is also a sound perspective.

We have voluntary action in the body – all the things we do consciously.

…and involuntary action – all the things we don’t control on our own.


This is called our subconscious mind.

Did you know that greater than 99% (or more) of the function in our bodies are involuntary?

Sounds hard to believe until you really think about it.



We don’t control our digestion consciously.

We don’t control our oxygen uptake consciously.

We don’t control our blood sugar consciously.


We covered this a few blogs ago.

We are essentially controlled by our subconscious mind.

The whole title of this blog is about our REALITY.

You may not know this but we have more control over our reality than we have been taught and it involves what goes into our system, and how our system is able to see and adapt to that environment.

The key words are? See and Adapt.


Let me explain.

At any given moment, we have 109 sensory inputs into our nervous system.

Many of us know about our 5 senses.

And chiropractors love talking about proprioception… the 6th sense which is basically body awareness.

But 109… that’s a lot.

That includes temperature, thirst, hunger, pain, etc.


This is so profound that EVERY second we have about 300,000,000,000,000 bits of information into our brains.

300 TRILLION bits.

Which is 300 BILLION kilobits

Which is 300 MILLION megabits

Which is 300,000 gigabits



Think about your computer, tablet or smart phone just for a second.

Or if you want a comparison… check this out.

“a 50-user company using Office 365 and Salesforce should have an aggregate of 75Mbps of internet bandwidth

50-user company = 75Mbps

1 human brain = 300,000,000,000 Mbps

Ok. So that’s a little techy but we can’t even fathom how powerful our brain truly is.

We get so pissed if our bandwidth drops and half the time we aren’t even using our own brain.

So 300 Million Megabits per second….

Do you know how many we are consciously aware of?

The amount of information that actually hits our conscious brain?

50 bits.


So why does this even matter?

It matters because we are only aware of 0.00000000019% of our world.

That means our subconscious mind, our involuntary nervous system, runs essentially PERCEIVES, ADAPTS and RUNS ALL OF US.

Why do you think we do scans in our office? (I promise you, they aren’t just for show.)

They measure that connection between your brain and your body.

The infrared thermography is a direct window into your involuntary nervous system that runs all of you.

Unless of course you consciously control your own blood flow. I am not saying you can’t.

Super humans like Wim Hof, Tibetan Buddhist Monks, and Jedi Knights might, and we actually could if we trained to do so.

But most of us, don’t.

Look at your scans from your last exam.

If there is color or asymmetries on them, your system is not seeing the world clearly and cannot adapt to your environment appropriately.

This is one reason why someone can eat a salad and get bloated like they ate a tub of ice cream. OR…this could be why we totally misinterpret things people say to us as hostile when they were just giving us advice.


This is why patients tell us all the time, their babies poop better or they themselves in fact, poop better after getting adjusted. Or this is why patients report better mood or resilience to stress. Some patients even like their jobs more. Or some patience get clear and leave their jobs.

This is why getting chiropractic care is so important. Yes, you feel better what you feel is only what your conscious mind tells you.

The 50 bits.


The key is to FUNCTION BETTER and that’s all subconscious. The 300 Trillion Bits. This is what Chiropractic adjustments actually affect.

Chiropractic adjustments influence the power of your subconscious nervous system’s ability to see and adapt to your environment. Period. If you need research, read Heidi Haavik’s Book “The Reality Check”. She is easily the most powerful research in self-healing today. It is in our resource library in the front office.

So what I want you to do next is…

  1. Watch my last live video from last month here.
  2. Read Biology of Belief. If you have started your second year of care in the office, we are now giving it out as a gift to empower you through your second year.
  3. Share this blog with someone you love.