Almost every week we hear from our community that they wish we were in fill-in-the-blank city and or state for their family members. Or we get a direct message from another location saying, “we wish we had a chiropractor like you here.” 

This is an important factor, because oftentimes we hear in that same conversation about a bad experience someone’s had. It’s not uncommon to hear from a new patient about what another chiropractor did, or didn’t do in a previous office that didn’t work for them or their families. 

I will say, it’s important to recognize Chiropractic is not a homogenous profession. Chiropractic is philosophy, science, and art, and not only the adjustment, and the way the Chiropractic care is delivered but also in the way we do our consultations, our examinations, and even our marketing, communications and office experience.

Sometimes it isn’t a great patient experience because it just isn’t the right fit for you. And I will tell you maybe some chiropractors haven’t done the work to make sure they are attracting the right people to match the way they provide care.

There’s a lot of diversity within the profession of chiropractic which can either be a strength or a weakness. Before I was a chiropractor, I was a chiropractic connoisseur. Let’s say I have a  long history of a deep reverence, and love for my profession. I’ve had some sort of first-hand experience as a patient in virtually every arm of chiropractic.

While much of the world became more polarized and divided in 2020, one beautiful gift that came out of it was becoming closer friends with fellow docs in my profession. Without 2020, we may not have become friends largely because of our philosophical, scientific and artistic differences within the way we practice chiropractic. It has allowed us to refer amongst each other more consistently and we respect each other’s unique strengths and scope of practice.

At the end of the day, I have a clear idea of what it means to be a good chiropractor, and what you as patients should be looking for in a great chiropractor.

First and foremost it is a chiropractor who focuses on clinical excellence in alignment with your goals. We at Future Generations are looking to get to the root cause of your challenges. We acknowledge and always focus on the fact that your health potential is the foundation for your life potential. Maybe you don’t know that ultimately, what you’re seeking is to truly live out your true potential.

Second, is a chiropractor who is willing to look at your family tree 20 years at a minimum and its history, and to be able to cast a vision forward 20 years for you and your kids. This is unequivocal today. We have been duped into believing the magic bullet exists. That immediate gratification in our health is somehow better than a long-term investment and sustainable outcomes. This is not to say that patients shouldn’t have relief or improvement immediately. But if we do that continually – like our conventional medical system does at the expense of long-term well-being, especially as it relates to healthy pregnancies, births, babies, and kids – we will always be reliant, dependent, and somewhat shackled to the system.

Third, and maybe the most unique, and equally important is that every provider has a deep-seated intention to help their patients need him less overtime. I would say this is the only sustainable model of healthcare. To make ourselves obsolete is a strong foundation, for the only future for healthcare remains an embedded part of human society. your inherent freedom to choose and your inherent freedom to also make the right choice is radically, important people and most providers don’t notice.

In my experience, very few offices operate like this. Very few offices make it the name of their business. I want you to know unequivocally that this is how we aim to serve you. And this is who we aim to collaborate with. We don’t want to “Fix You“, we want to inspire inner healing so your body knows, remembers, and sustainably heals itself. We want to do that for you and we want to do that for your kids and we want to do that for multiple generations.