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preconception health

Building healthy families from the start

Preconception Care



Pregnancy and birth are simply the most miraculous display of the beautiful intelligence that is within us and all around us. A clear sign of a healthy species is its ability to procreate normally and naturally.


reality check

◉ 1 in 8 couples (12%) have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining pregnancy.

◉ One-third of infertility is attributed to the female partner, one-third attributed to the male partner and one-third is caused by a combination of problems in both partners or, is unexplained.

◉ Regardless of statistics, why not be the healthiest version of yourself before you conceive?


philosophy & methods

A big part of our mission is to normalize healthy conception and normal birth. A healthy nervous system allows for the expression of a normal hormonal physiology that leads to healthy fertility, conception and pregnancy. The female body’s ability to grow humans is the most beautiful example of our innate intelligence at work – it is within her biology to do this.

In order to bring the body back to optimal function, we take an inside-out approach. We see couples as soon as they are thinking about bringing a new life in the world and guide them through their journey of achieving optimal health so they can be the best possible hosts for the new branch in their family tree.

Become a patient

expect miracles

become a patient

We want you to feel confident in your body's ability to self-heal and self-regulate optimally and to make transformative decisions based on the WHOLE TRUTH for you and your family.

We welcome you to contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation for your children and family members.


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