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by Dr. Stan Hom

Early on in practice I started to see a trend that is only growing more common. When I wanted to know about the real-time most current research on a topic affecting families, I would find the best resources in two main places:

  2. Mommy Blogs

In chiropractic school, I learned from the best chiropractic researcher in the world: Dr. Heidi Haavik. She would always tell us that her practice at the time had to be at least 10 years ahead of her research.

I also got to learn from Dr. Jeff Spencer – the chiropractor for Lance Armstrong. He would tell us that textbooks are about 20 years behind, peer-reviewed research is about a decade behind, and what happens in practice is real time.

I bring this up because some people might be worried that a doctor would turn to a mother for data, but what I started to realize was moms are not only well-read, they are voracious researchers for TRUTH.

AND they have the most accurate REAL TIME on the planet: a mother’s intuition.

It’s humbling to think that moms are far more educated in what is practical, applicable and effective at home than many medical practitioners.

Many of you know my wife and I went up to Sacramento to lobby in opposition to SB276. Many people may consider this an “anti-vaxxer” move. The most impactful part of the entire experience was talking with and witnessing mother after mother (some fathers to) testify their opposition to the bill.

In separate conversations, I heard so many stories that I have heard in my office over the years.

“My kid stop talking after vaccinations.”

“My baby began having seizures after the MMR vaccine.”

“In the 1970s, my baby had to be resuscitated after the DPT shot.”

“My kiddo was so coordinated until his shots at 1 year old. He stopped walking for a week.”

“My kiddo’s eye became lazy after routine vaccinations.”

All I have tried to do is listen… and if this makes me an anti-vaxxer, so be it as long as it keeps me in the PRO-MOM category – ALL moms.

What it truly is, is a doctor who has spent enough time listening to parents about what has happened to their kids post-vaccination.

The key thing about this is that it is NOT ALL KIDS, NOT ALL VACCINES.

Which, to medical providers, might seem irresponsible for parents to hesitate. Because the CDC says vaccines are “Safe and Effective”, they must be and shame on moms for choosing to put others at risk.

(Read this blog about Coercion vs. Listening)

BUT to a mother (and many fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles alike), it is the most responsible thing they can do… pause and ask, “Is this good for my kid? Is this safe? What does the research say?”

To be frank, most of our patients are partially or fully vaccinated.

Many of our families are unvaccinated, but these are not the majority currently. They are however, the population growing the fastest in my practice.

These mothers have been so fierce in their research.

Here are some of my favorites who have positively influenced not only me as a human being on the planet, but have truly shaped the way that I approach clinical care in my office.

Heather Dessinger – Mommypotamus

Danielle Walker – Against All Grain

Dr. Jennifer Floreani  – Well Adjusted Babies

Christina Hildebrand – A Voice for Choice Advocacy

Melissa Floyd – Immunity Education Group

Brittany Kara – Leading expert in the areas of holistic living

And many local mommas including but not limited to:

Kiersten Markham – Cranial Sacral Therapist, Doula, Pre/Perinatal Educator

Nicole Morales – Spinning Babies

Vickii Gervais – Wild Harmony Wellness Center

Dr. Kim Gambino – San Diego Birth Network

Stephanie Adams – Love Warrior Birth Services

Robin Kaplan – San Diego Breastfeeding Center

Care Messer – San Diego Birth Education Center

I would not be the man, father-to-be, leader, or doctor today if it wasn’t for the mothers in the world who would do absolutely anything to preserve the health and vibrancy of their families.

Of course, primary in this topic is my now 23-week expectant wife, my own mother and mother-in law, grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

Their commitment to our family has been not only inspirational, but deeply, deeply powerful when it comes to doing what is necessary for the survival and thrival of our legacy.

I truly know the world would not turn if it was not for the mothers on the planet. I am so grateful for all those amazing influences in my life who have come from powerful mothers.

This brings me to the photo that begins this blog…

As  a veteran, if you cannot tell, I am a man of service. Even as a young officer, I was always humbled at the fact that young kids could be deployed at 18, scared beyond belief to be in a country like Iraq but still, committed to the mission.

Even then, I was able to witness the POWER that military wives and moms displayed holding down the fort while their husbands were away.  And now as a chiropractor being able to witness firsthand how devoted mothers are to their babies.

I’ve been able to learn from many who have created powerful blogs and tribes of mommas and again witnessed that power in Sacramento as they were fighting for health freedom for their families.

We hope you enjoy our theme of the month, Strong as a Mother. I am so grateful to be able to bring this to you.