As we move into the middle of the month of September, I can’t help, but reflect upon how much growth our family, our team, and business have faced. 

Just in the past two weeks. 

In the past two weeks, I have started the process of forgiveness. My journey, over the last six months, has taken me to a place where I hit a wall mentally, physically, energetically, and spiritually.

Keep in mind I’ve been on the healing journey for almost 20 years. I have done virtually every personal growth seminar and program. I have invested in myself in excess of $500,000 if you include my graduate school education and chiropractic. 

Something I did not know that I needed was grief work. I have been working with coaches for over 10 years and all of them have taught me some of the most essential aspects of healing. In the past month, I have learned things like an abundance mindset, or a growth mindset, possibility, thinking, grit, determination, resiliency, being able to transmute trauma into power or all things, and I find it has become second nature to me. I know how to resolve guilt and shame. I know how to truly find warehouses of energy and resiliency that most people will never tap into. I have learned and somewhat mastered multiple forms of meditation, breathwork, journaling, and Qigong.

But something I did not know was how deeply rooted trauma can penetrate our bodies and minds, thoughts, and feelings. I have no idea how much grief and sadness I have stored into my physiology. I had no idea that that loss and that pain was festering into an anchor and a rage. I had no idea that it would affect my family. The grand majority of this has been revealed to me over the last three years. But in this process of healing over the last six months, I realize that in addressing the last three years, I have been able to really get to the root of a lot of the traumas that I have experienced as a child. A young adult. As a team. In the military. I had no idea that so much of it would help me address things that I inherited intergenerationally.

I know I alluded to a healer and coach that my wife and I have been working with, and I wanted to introduce you to her more closely.

Hannah Abad is a longtime friend, she is a peer and she and her family have been patients of Future Generations for over 10 years. I have seen Hannah through two amazing pregnancies, her husband’s deployment to Iraq and the early stages of her two sons’ growth and development.

She’s always been an excellent coach, but something I do know is that her healing, her nervous system, and the resultant expression of a more full healing potential, was a powerful catalyst for who she is today. I would never say that Chiropractic or myself as her chiropractor “healed” her. But I will say, and she will admit to the fact that Future Generations and the work that we do and have done in an expert way, created and held a space for her healing and catalyzed a lot of it.

I cannot tell you what it’s like to benefit so deeply from someone that I inspired. It is humbling in the most beautiful and powerful way.

About a month ago my wife started to work with Hannah as well. Wow, much of our trauma started in 2020 and we lost so many of our friends and family over the course of the last three years. Because of who I am and what I have represented for the duration of our relationship and marriage, my wife has lost community steadily since 2016/2017. 

She went into postpartum and Covid with one of the biggest voids in community that I have ever seen any mother go through, much less the mother of my own kids. I will tell you that in the month working with Hannah we have seen nothing short of miraculous change. Change that has not only healed many of my wife’s root causes but many things that have been affecting our kids, especially our four-year-old, Alana.

This newsletter is an invitation to all of you who are seeking a deeper form of work. And I will tell you it is work. Chiropractic has already facilitated miracles for so many of you who have only found this in the last year. Chiropractic, especially in the way that we provided, is the single most essential form of healthcare that anyone can do for you.

There is no more important system to nurture and nourish the nervous system. It is impossible to be well without being well-adjusted.

But I also humbly state that just because you are well-adjusted, does not mean that you are well. Your lifestyle is radically important, and the work that you do to reconcile the trauma that we have all been through is everything. 

Please see the information below about Hannah and Prime Collaborative. If you feel so called, schedule a discovery call with her. This woman, this family, and this process is something truly special.

-Dr. Stan


Prime Collaborative is fiercely committed to and focused on supporting people in going from a place of internally surviving to deep health and resilience in their internal operating systems; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. Many of our clients are business owners and visionaries but we are currently expanding to support a more global community of individuals who are dedicated to healing and resilience in order to thrive in their life and bring their best to their families, communities, and spheres of influence. 

It is an absolute privilege and honor to serve leaders and individuals committed to wholeness and excellence by addressing root causes of internal survival, dysfunctional patterns, and overwhelm through a proven neuroscience and trauma-informed method of care and transformation. 

Future Generations has been a home for our family and a catalyst to layers of our healing and we are forever grateful for the camaraderie, care, support, and friendship that we have found here.


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