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Pediatric Care



It is our future generations that will inherit the earth and it is up to us to ensure that the world they take on is better than when we found it. First and foremost, our kids must have an opportunity to express their fullest health- and life-potential.



reality check

Current data reports that 43% of children have at least one chronic illness.

Spinal degeneration (in the form of loss of normal cervical spine lordosis) has been identified as early as age 6.

We know this is a primary factor in causing neurodevelopmental delays in 1 in 6 children today.

This first (and most significant) assault to the nervous system and spine is inutero constraint and the birth process. A newborn’s delicate cranium and spine receives upwards of 90 lbs of force just from being born.


philosophy & methods

It isn’t a mystery. Although human infants are the most dependent upon their parents when compared to other animal species, watching a baby learn how to roll over, crawl, sit and walk all on its own is one of nature’s greatest miracles.

There is a wisdom programmed deep into a child’s neurology that begins once they enter the world and as they learn to efficiently navigate gravity and upright posture. Upon birth, perfect digestion, nursing and sleep are symptoms that baby will thrive. Perfect primitive reflexes – those that emerge from week 5 to 28 in utero – are signs that the baby’s system is functioning normally. A clear nervous system is the foundation for perfect self-healing.

From birth through teenage years, gentle adjustments applied to correct subluxations in your child’s spine and cranium remove interferences within their nervous system. Parents with children under regular chiropractic care report happier, healthier kids with relief from symptoms associated with breastfeeding challenges, GI issues, colic, torticollis, plagiocephaly, scoliosis, and even learning challenges.


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