When it comes to this time of year, it is always a good moment to start the process of creating next year. We just got done with our quarterly team meeting last week, and it was by far the best one we’ve had in a very long time. The level of engagement, the commitment level, and what is truly possible for the future is honestly far greater than we can even contemplate at the moment.


The theme was manifestation. 


And most people believe that manifestation is this airy fairy, pie in the sky, “I’m going to dream about a $1 million check coming in the mail” process. And while it might be that – this deeply inspirational and fully connected experience with the divine – it’s actually very much ingrained in ACTION.


Or, as we laid out: action, habits, self-discipline, excellence, and mastery. All themes we’ve had over the course of 2023.


But I will say it is 100% related, every time, to the results that you and your family get from the recommendations we make which are always grounded in three primary truths.


First, the truth about the severity of the challenges you and your children have been facing. Most practices focus on the immediacy of symptoms. Most focus on how quickly you can get out of pain or any other symptomatic relief. Most default to quick fixes largely because they minimize in their minds and your chronicity of the challenges your family faces. 


On the other hand, we do almost a complete opposite. We recognize how much stress is stored in the nervous system, and how most of that actually starts when we are born. If you’ve ever had a conversation with your parents about your own birth, it’s a sobering experience to recognize that the amount of consciousness that we give to pregnancy and the birth of our children is far greater than they ever considered. We still have children who come into our practice who have considerable stress stuck in their nervous systems. 


When you’re honest about what the stress and trauma patterns do to the developing nervous system, you can understand what’s truly possible with healing.


The second truth revolves around the truth about the system. I’ve said for many years now that there is nothing in the system that helps you need it less. There is no exit from the system until families come to a practice like ours. I am not anti-medicine and I am not anti-Pharma, but what I am is anti-dogma, and anti-coercion, and anti-manipulation. When you recognize that the system is designed to capture our kids, holistically – medically, pharmaceutically, educationally, technologically, socially, etc., it is easy to understand that telling the truth about the system is one of the most important and foundational avenues toward true root-cause healing.


The last truth is the truth about what’s possible in root-cause focused healing. In my post graduate education, I learned a simple fact about nature. There is no disease on the planet that has not been healed by the human body. Now, let me be clear about that, there are multiple diseases that are “incurable“ by conventional Pharma driven medicine. But there is no disease on the planet that the human body and nature cannot heal.


This is important, because in just over a decade of practice, the number of miracles we have seen at Future Generations is astronomical when compared to conventionally trained offices focused on the same demographic of patients. 


When we tell patients the truth about what’s possible for their healing, it is one of the most freeing moments. Not only because they hear the truth for the first time, but mostly because virtually every mother in our practice had that intuitive understanding, and knowing long before we said anything about it. More than anything, we validate what most parents truly know as they witness what pregnancy is like – for both moms and dads.


You are a miracle.

This is the truth, that most doctors refuse to tell their patients.


When we talk about manifestation, with regard to health, these are the miracles, a.k.a. results that we expect in our office and have done so for over a decade, for thousands of patients and hundreds of families.


Manifestation is dreaming, and it is wishing, and it is hoping for a brighter future. But it is always ingrained in action, habits, self-discipline, excellence, and mastery in health. 


This doesn’t happen in one visit. 

This is rarely “covered” by insurance.

This is NEVER achieved without change and transformation.

This is almost never even occurring in other chiropractic offices who understand this principle. 


We know we are manifesting our best quarter and best year in Future Generations history. 

We know we are doing it through our devotion to serving you… we know it has to be intimately related to the miraculous results you experience throughout your healing journey that we co-create together. 

And honestly, we are here for it… because it is about our Future Generations. 


So take ownership of your belief and your actions and habits. 

Start where you are. 

Set a dream-like goal. 

And share it with us. 


We cannot wait to see what this next year will bring. 


Love and Appreciate You all, 


Dr. Stan