November is my single favorite month of the year. It is my birthday and it is my birth month as you receive this email. It would be the greatest birthday present if you could share this email with someone that you love. 


This morning I recorded the vlog and honestly I blinked and I was 16 minutes in. Please click the video below and give it a watch. I told a ton of stories about my family, about our journey, and this amazing team that we have in the office.



I love November because it reminds me of some of my favorite pastimes.


It reminds me of my parents and grandparents.

It reminds me of my cousins, aunties, and uncles.

It reminds me of my siblings.


And now I get to wake up to two little Rugrats, who absolutely love me unconditionally and a wife who brings me so much devotion and joy.


After celebrating our first year in Escondido, I couldn’t help but pinch myself because of how amazing you all are. This community has been one of the greatest Godsends that I could’ve ever dreamed of.


And I will tell you, it is obvious to not just us in our office – our team, and all of our patients; but it’s obvious to the chiropractors. 


Somebody told me the other day that we put Escondido on the map. And I will tell you, because this is my children’s hometown, that was fully on purpose.


Last week was so surreal, because we had our patients on both sides of the ball at the football game with the classical Academy versus Escondido high school. I was traveling at the time and speaking to a group of Chiropractic students at Life Chiropractic College West in Northern California so I was not able to go. But some of our team members were able to go.


I cannot tell you how much of a dream come true that is for me. To be in service to and to be living in the same community. And for that community to be so worthy of noble service.


But other chiropractors have reached out to me, because they want to move their practices to North County, and I encouraged them. In fact, I spent some quality time giving them so much advice that I had to pay really good money for.




Why would I do that for my “competition”? 


The main reason is, there is no scarcity in the version of health and service and business that we subscribe to. The truth of the matter is by pure numbers, we don’t have enough chiropractors in our community to serve the population the way that Chiropractic can.


I shared on my video and yes, I still believe you should watch it, about the history of Chiropractic. And how I am a devout consumer of it. I shared a story about a Chiropractic Pioneer, by the name of Oakley Smith, who was the right hand man of the founder of Chiropractic and had a direct effect on the legal fight for Chiropractic and its early years.


Thousands of chiropractors went to jail tens of thousands of times for what?


Back pain?

Neck pain?

Car accidents?

Insurance reimbursements?

Integrative medicine?


None of that.


Chiropractors went to jail. They were ostracized. Their offices were bombed. They were not allowed in multiple social settings. They were called quacks, charlatans, cultists, and worse. 


Chiropractors in those early days were so emboldened, that they were told to practice in certain areas specifically to get arrested. So that they could build the legal argument to define chiropractic as a separate and distinct profession from conventional medicine.


Because of the babies we see.

Because of the pregnant mommas.

Because of our Future Generations.


This month we will be covering on our social media some of the most important topics that exist in prenatal and pediatric healthcare. It is no mistake that those two fields in conventional medicine are severely slacking in the care of humanity. It is also very obvious that those two fields are not paying attention to some key factors that are huge problems for many families just like you.


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Love and appreciate you all ♥️