It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog to you all and it’s an opportune time. We are 6 weeks postpartum and loving this new little being. We’re also in the ringer with some of the transitions and changes that are a natural part of this phase of life.

Luka is a dream. He’s big. He’s happy. He’s hungry. And he is so loved. He is showing us what it’s like to be stretched in our hearts, in our home and in our family. 

Alana is an amazing little sensitive genius. She loves her brother and loves The Sound of Music more than ever (she’s memorized every song!). She is adjusting to the difference in attention and showing us what mental resilience can reside in someone so young. 

Victoria is healing so powerfully. This postpartum has been so different from our first with Alana. We aren’t in the thick of the milk supply/pumping journey. We are in the thick of a lot of love and support for our family and community. I am so happy she’s had so much more support this time around. 

For me, I am simply here for it all. I’ve been in this field long enough to know it is very important to have as many ducks in a row as possible, but nevertheless, unexpected things can happen. I am in love with and inspired by my family more than I have ever been. I am excited for what is possible for the FOUR of us and for our Future Generations Family. 

Having a baby in the wake of the most visible and tangible forms of tyranny or oppression many of us have ever and will ever witness is a thing within itself.  As we have said to you in the office and on the podcast, babies born during this time are here for a purpose deeper than we could ever know. 

2020 will forever be a neurophysiological landmark for our global society. Some will call it trauma and others will call it an awakening. We know it has to be both. 

What I know at this stage is the last two years have been calling us to do two primary things: 

  1. First, it is time for all of us to get in the best health possible and 
  2. Second, become the greatest version of yourself you can imagine. 

It is both Optimal health AND the most inspired, aligned, and purpose-driven version of you. 

I’ve said for many many years our life potential is our health potential.

I write this blog to share with you how convicted we are to help shepherd our community to the greatest expression of their health and life.

We have never veered from this purpose and we will never veer from this purpose.

Over the past two years, we have watched our community of patients, podcast-listeners, Heart of Freedom-attendees, and our team grow! At the peak of last year we had nine team members! And at the start of 2020, we had 4 1/2. 

But over the last four months, we’ve lost three of them and admittedly it’s been challenging.

Gabrielle, our Operations Manager and in many ways our team Mother Hen, took some time and space to grow her family this year and Hannah, our Office Manager and favorite to so many of you, took a position at a great company. 

And most recently, Dr. Ryan Mijares had a great opportunity to purchase a practice which he and his family are very excited about and inspired by. 

These team members mean so much to us and it seems we haven’t fully gotten to process such big changes in such a short amount of time, but they are also natural ebbs and flows of a business–no different than the natural ebbs and flows of a family, life and health.

Our ability to adapt with resiliency, power and fortitude is based upon our overall health– Spiritual, Mental and Physical – individually, organizationally and culturally. 

Many of you have commented that you didn’t know we’ve experienced so much change. Outside of changing our hours and one less doctor, things have intentionally stayed pretty consistent. This is not because we didn’t want to tell you, it is because we recognize it’s a sign of a great practice, business and culture that you don’t “notice”. Our intention is that our purpose, values and mission are far more penetrating than even people at times. 

This thing we are doing is bigger than any one of us – including me. 

At the beginning of 2020, as so much of the pandemonium was ramping up, I only really communicated one thing to our practice community: guard your mind, heart and soul from the tsunami wave of fear and anxiety which would be coming. 

This holds true today and I stand by that recommendation. 

For many of you who have been with Future Generations for years, you asked me “what to do” about everything at the beginning of it all and ultimately, the answer was nothing different than what I’ve taught our community for over a decade. 

The self-healing, self-adapting, self-regulating power of your body is far greater than you’ve ever been led to believe. This BELIEF itself can fuel your physical, mental and spiritual resilience–whether it’s another “pandemic”, World War III, or any other challenge that could influence physical, mental or spiritual health. 

Just this week, I taught a nine-year-old about her nervous system’s ability to self-heal and she asked me “what does that mean?”. As I laid out all of her exam, scan, and x-ray results, she began to understand how powerful she truly is. 

By the end of the session, SHE was teaching her mother about how the body heals. 

She was teaching her younger brother that her anxiety and his “high energy” is a sign that her nervous system is stressed beyond its ability to adapt optimally and not what the pediatricians have told them: 

“It’s genetic”

“You’ll grow out of it”

Or the worst one “you’ll have to live with this the rest of your life”. 

This is why we have been censored so much across our podcast, platforms and in the practice for so long. 

Never in the history of the world has sharing information been so demonized and vilified. Imagining a world where simply believing in your own body is worthy of shame, force and coercion. Where your choices, habits and behaviors must fall in lock-step with the military medical complex or never be allowed to participate in society again. 

Where telling people to eat well, move well, think well, rest, be in nature, love themselves and their communities (and be with them in person) and God-forbid GET ADJUSTED could be so worthy of attack. 

I will say this now as I have said this for over a decade: Your ability to heal and now your multigenerational healing is 1000% contingent upon first YOUR BELIEFS and a close second is YOUR ACTIONS, behaviors and habits. 

This is why we are putting out two solocasts on these exact topics. This Friday, episode 90S will cover the 5 Principles of Multigenerational Healing and the following episode will empower you with the most foundational actions that –if mastered and made habitual– will change your life and that of your future generations, forever. 

I don’t state that lightly. I think you all know by now how committed and convicted we are about helping you and your family express your optimal potential. I think you also understand how we believe it is most important BECAUSE of (not in spite of) the uncertainty of what the world will bring us. 

In the end, it comes down to community and family. I am grateful to share our family’s journey with you. As this army guy gets his “sea legs” back on social media and the like, I promise to share more about our family of FOUR and my SON, which is still wild to say. 

What I know for sure in how that affects you, is that I am more committed than ever to you all, and to my team because of my family. 

What I know is that being in SERVICE to you all is the single best thing I can do to ensure my family is best cared for. We wanted to thank you for your commitment to your health especially in the midst of so many changes. A healthier, more vibrant and committed community surrounding my young and growing family is something we have infinite love and gratitude for every day.