As I reflect on our anniversary party, I can’t help but feel an immense amount of gratitude towards this amazing community. You have welcomed us in, and all I was attempting to do was to be of noble service to you. It’s a simple equation.


Find and build your aligned community and commit to them in noble service.


Both Dr. Ryan and I graduated in 2010 and in many respects, we feel like we’re just getting started. We’ve been here a whole year, and I promise you we haven’t even come close to what we’re capable of as an organization.


Your trust in us is everything.

We will never take it for granted


My wife and I were reflecting on the party this past weekend. Despite our kid face planting off the bouncy house, it was for the both of us, one of the most amazing events that we’ve had. From the music and speakers, to the crafts, and the bouncy house, it was one of the best.


But none of it matters without you. And I know our family feels that. And so does our team.


We have so many patients coming back to the practice. 


Many of them found other chiropractors, but they feel like we do things differently and better for their families. We have many patients who have not been adjusted since we moved from our San Diego location, and they have said to us very directly, that this has been one of the biggest gaping holes in their families experience in the last year. 


We have some families that are talking about moving to other states, as many families have in the past, to escape the restrictions in California. However, when we’ve heard back from these patients, the offices in other parts of the country and the world just aren’t the same.


I was talking to a mother who was telling me about her family, and they were considering a move out of state. On one hand, I am very much supportive of any decision our families make. In any way that we can, we also want to help facilitate their search for good healthcare in their new region – that will always be a top priority for us. 


But I found myself saying something very directly to her, because it is so much more important than what most of us chiropractors believe and speak into our patients. When you choose where you move, the family chiropractic office that you find is just as important as the infrastructure for school, healthcare, politics, and perhaps even the church you choose to go to.


No, chiropractic is NOT a religion… but Chiropractic for so many of you, is that foundation for your family’s well-being. And health and well-being is the foundation of virtually everything in your life.


And I have heard it from way too many former patients at this point, Chiropractic is different. And the way that we deliver Chiropractic is very different, but in the best way.


As a team, we are reading a book titled “Unreasonable Hospitality“. This book highlights a completely different industry that some people would call “fine dining”, but this book talks about it in such a powerful way. Dr. Ryan is taking us through a weekly training that covers the book. And our goal is really simple: we want to provide the very best service that you will experience virtually anywhere that you go.


We believe that this level of service, and the focus of self-healing that we provide, is like going to church to medically transform not only your kiddos, your family, but our collective community.


I spent last weekend filming with the amazing Jason Herrera. You have likely seen him at virtually every rally and freedom event over the last three and a half years. 


We were filming a curriculum that is going to coincide with the care that you receive here. But it is also going to be available virtually and can be accessed anywhere in the world. So that we can operationalize what we do here, everywhere.


So you are aware, this is not an exhaustive curriculum. It is simply the landscape as it relates to what has been revealed over the last 3 1/2 years. It’s what I wish every parent could know about bringing life onto the planet, relating to pregnancy and birth, but also how to lead our kids with more of that fine balance between authority and empathy.


If you are an active patient in our office, you will get first access to this. It will be one of the many benefits that you will receive as a member of our community.


And we are committed over the next quarter to enhancing virtually every aspect of our services that we provide. If you have any feedback, please feel free to share it with us.


Just email to do so 🙂


With all of that said, I want you to know that the anniversary promotion that we have running until the end of this month will be the last time that our new patient experience is under $100.


We have actually heard from many of you that we are undervaluing our services. Within the first few moments of our consultation, it is very obvious for many of you, that we learn and care more about your family members than any other healthcare office or provider has ever.


We also know that we have not raised our fees in over three years. So if you are not a patient, or you are waiting to commit to your care plan, it’s important for you to know that by January 1, 2024, we are not only going to be extending our hours to include Fridays, but we will be increasing our overall fees as well.


I want you to know that ahead of time. And I also want you to know that we have never raised our fees in the history of our business without also raising our level of service, our professional education and training, or any value-based aspect of our care/community.


This isn’t a funny “sales” tactic. This is just me keeping you informed and also letting you know that if there is a time to invest in your care, this is it 🙂


My wife and I were pinching ourselves the other day. Mostly because in so many ways, all the trauma and tragedy that we’ve been through as a couple, especially over the last 3 1/2 years really felt worth it.


You make it worth it.


Love and appreciate you all ♥️


Dr. Stanton