I am finding myself feeling more grateful than I ever have in my life. This time of year tends to do that to us right? Or I should say, that is the deep meaning behind this time of year.


True gratitude has become such a societal deficiency in recent years, that I find myself doing the best I can to be truly thankful at this time of year…


We are so grateful to be traveling this year. It’s hard to believe that we haven’t traveled as a family since October 2021 when I spoke at the Health Freedom for humanity symposium in Kansas City. Luka has actually never been on a plane. 


We are going to the great state of Maine to visit my wife’s family over Thanksgiving – most importantly to visit her grandmother. Victoria’s grandmother is the last great grandparent that my children have. And she is a truly special woman. From the moment I met her, we’ve had such a great relationship and connection. She’s spunky and proof of what it means to have true resiliency – as an almost centenarian.



She’s also a daughter of the American revolution. Which makes my wife a daughter of the American revolution. Which makes my daughter a daughter of the American revolution. 


What other country can exemplify that? That a child who looks like me, can have ties all the way back to the world’s greatest example of freedom in all of history. 


I am mostly excited, because there seems to be a shift in the fear that has kept the family from allowing our kids to meet other members of the family. And I’m noticing that in the office too. Or at least people are concerned about being “sick” and expressing symptoms, and that being a reason to not come into the office.


For many years up until 2020, we would always tell patients that the best times to come in are actually the times you might consider canceling. If you’re too busy or too stressed, it’s actually a really important time to get adjusted so your nervous system has better self-regulation. And when you’re expressing symptoms, it’s especially important that your nervous system is working effectively so it can better regulate your immune system.


For more information on this, please watch the VLOG, listen to the podcast this week – the solocast releasing today, and my second interview with the great Dr. Larry Palevsky releasing next week (11/20).


Also, check out these two resources below that cover the 1918 Spanish flu “pandemic” so you can understand that the LIES didn’t just begin in 2020. They are part of a 100 year vision of the pharmaceutical industry’s rein over humanity.


Fountain Head News 1919 – BJ Palmer, Davenport IA

The History of Chiropractic in Texas – Dan Murphy DC


Ask yourself what was the bigger lie?

The Spanish flu of 1918 or COVID-19?

Then ask yourself, what were they trying to keep you from?


I digress.


I cannot tell you how excited I am. Every time I go to Maine, I feel more connected to nature, to family and to really beautiful Heritage.


Fun fact: Maine is 89% forest. 


As you can imagine, it’s breathtaking and grounding and healing.


This past weekend, I got to spend some really good quality time with a couple West Point and army buddies. As I was asking them to draft some “buddy statements” for my VA packet, they took it upon themselves to take action on something they had been thinking about for a while – getting the guys together for Veteran’s Day.


They read about some of the challenges my family and business, and I have been facing over the recent years and made a surprise visit to San Diego.


There were so many important themes from the time together that I wanted to share them with you. 


The first was loyalty and commitment. To me, over the last several years, this has felt so fleeting. Especially in the last 3 ½. Families are divided. Social media accounts get de-platformed. We have had more changes in our team in the last two years than we have had in the previous 11. 


So when I sent one of my buddies a voice message about what I have been through in the last 3 1/2 years with all the ways that we have been targeted, he told me that the world is changing and not in most human parts of the world; it isn’t just black-and-white. He said that his family was fully vaccinated but he ended up moving his family to Texas over Covid. We had an in-depth conversation about Elon Musk, global tyranny, all while shucking oysters, and watching college football (ask me the last time I watched a college football game). 


One of my buddies said, there are more important things in the world than our own dogma. And that, regardless, what was more important to him than my beliefs was who I was as a man and a dad and a leader today. Someone he has missed and not really gotten to know.


One of them also mentioned that in all the statistics that he has studied about PTSD and traumatic things, like suicide, that there are amazing similarities between the military and entrepreneurship. And owning a business can be just as challenging and traumatic as putting on the uniform every day.


We lost five men in combat. But we lost two of our West Point brothers, when we got back. And we had a deep conversation about how, of course our military history was a significant part of that, but a lot of it was also the heavy burden of entrepreneurship.


I think my wife might be the only person who knows all the things that keep me up at night. 


I sent a mother a supportive text message recently, because she was so worried that she may have done something “wrong and permanent” after giving her kid “all the shots” preparing for preschool. 


We truly think and talk about virtually every single “case” (aka you and your kids) and how to facilitate transformation in your family tree. I think about every one of your kids being a significant part of my kids life (as a friend, best friend, potential spouse, etc). 


I think about my team members how we can create an amazing environment to not only express their potential as people of service in society, but also how to take care of their families and build good livelihoods.


This past week, my wife and I opened our first trust accounts. In the past year, I’ve spent a significant portion of my time understanding legacy. And understanding how the tyrannical government has a deep interest in taking so much of your earnings upon your death. My team doesn’t even know the extent to which we will be structuring our business differently to prevent the government from infringing not only on the work that we do.


I haven’t even talked about my own family. And our home. (Or ahem, global tyranny.) But these massive responsibilities bind us all.


I have the great fortune to know where a lot of you are in your lives today. And I am humbled by your trust in us, Future Generations, as your guides to the expression of more optimal health and potential. I get to hear your stories, and we get to be a part of your stories.


And wherever you are, this time of year, my deep prayer is that you express gratitude for who you are as a mother or father, husband or wife, son or daughter but also for your beautiful families.


Thank you for being a part of our shared community. We would appreciate your assistance in helping us grow it, too.


In the coming weeks we’re going to have some pretty amazing events – some new and returning workshops to learn more about your health potential. And a super fun Christmas party. And of course, sharing our monthly promotion and any of our content on social media to the people in your lives who could use a new path and community on their journey to better health.


And remember, if you’re not feeling well, it’s a really great time to get your nervous system checked and adjusted for better immune resilience.


Love and appreciate you all ♥️