It’s been an amazing month so far with the Hom Family. It’s my wife’s birthday month and Mother’s Day – what a combo right? We just finished our well project on our property and in a month’s time will be 100% free of municipal water (aka toxic AF water). 

Did you know this is one way “they” control the perception of scarcity in America? There are some 50,000 man made lakes with NO natural water source. Did you know that 300-500 feet below the earth’s surface, there is NO shortage of water? My good friend Matt Roeske and I had a deep conversation about this several months ago. 


Feel free to listen to that conversation here



Anyways, I digress.  My family and I were having breakfast on the morning of her birthday and Victoria said something that is very uncharacteristic of her “perfectionist” self… she said “I am so content”, and I will tell you, it floored me.


It brought into perspective so much for us in the sense that our worlds have been so rocked over the last several years. And I know many of you know what I am talking about. You know that our world is more divided than ever; there are literally thousands of stories everyday of so much fallout over the past 4 years and in the end, life still goes on. We had a great weekend celebrating my wife, for the amazing Mother and Wife she has truly grown and fought to be for our family. 


If you would like to hear more, I wrote a post about that here


Just how nature and seasons change, babies are still born. 


And we have seen SO many amazing babies come through our practice and the moms have shared with us how much more comfortable their births have been under chiropractic care. 


And we have seen so many amazing babies and kiddos referred to our practice where moms continue to share the amazing miracles they have witnessed in their kids. Chronic health issues that are statistically worsening in the ‘real world’ are HEALING in our office everyday.


What an amazing time to be alive and in service to you, our amazing community. And another shout out to our mothers. You make the world go ‘round AND you have literally made the world go ‘round here at Future Generations. 

Here is to you moms. This is a post I made recently and usually posts like this don’t go as far as this one did because it’s not ‘spicy’ enough – but to me, this is the greatest truth we know here at FG. 


Everything we have and will ever do will revolve around this truth. Especially this month’s two podcast releases so far. Juxtaposed, I don’t think there are two episodes that properly encapsulate the work we have done over the past 13 years at FG: Waking people up to the war on our kids and waking mothers up to their absolute magnificence as the safeguardians of LIFE itself on the planet.


Here are those episodes: 


  1. 197: The War on Children: A Deep Dive with Landon Starbuck – This episode really could have been several hours. The Starbucks are an amazing family focused on revealing the agendas that target our children. Their movie, The War on Children, had 50 million views within the first month of its release with significant censorship and $0 marketing. 
  2. 198: Sovereign Births: The Transformative Power of Birth Doulas – Eyla Cuenca comes back to the podcast with a powerful offering. Every community needs women who support the women bringing babies into the world. It is more important than ever in the wake of COVID to have doulas as a foundation to support birthing women. 


I want to fill you in on a few things I have been reading and listening to. 


First, is a book gifted by one of my best buds, Alec Zeck (founder of The Way Forward).  The book is titled, The Red Lion, and it is a book published in the post-WWII era in Hungary and was immediately banned. This book is about Alchemy; the chemical transformation of base metals into gold, but also about the spiritual consciousness shift necessary to take inert ideas and literally manifest them into DREAMS. 


The second book is the follow up to the book I shared about recently. The book is titled, The Canceling of the American Mind, and it couldn’t be more wildly different than The Red Lion. The normalization and celebration of Cancel Culture is one of the root causes for the destruction of American Values and the American Dream. 


Lastly, this interview of Dr. John Demartini with Josh Trent of the Wellness and Wisdom Podcast, is simply gold. It 1000% encapsulates everything we have covered in this blog, the work we have brought into the world up to this point this year, and everything we will in the coming months. 


In the end, I truly believe that humanity thrives when we recognize the limitless and miraculous wisdom we are all made from. When we truly honor mothers as the safeguardians of this process and wisdom, we all get better. When men and fathers step into their powerful roles of protectors of this wisdom – again, we ALL win – especially our kids. 


Love and appreciate you all. ♥️