Recently, we did two workshops that were really enlightening to those who attended. It was also really enlightening for me to host them. 


The first was titled Unraveling Neurodevelopmental Disorders, and the second one was a Vaccine workshop, which is a workshop I have taught in our county for over a decade.


Something that was really interesting to me was when I presented the statistics for our children’s health (or the lack thereof) and prompted the audience with questions, I had virtually identical responses in both workshops. 


Here are those statistics summarized:


50% of children have at least one chronic illness

One and six has a neurodevelopmental disorder

One in eight has an anxiety disorder

And one in four require special education



I explained to both groups that those statistics are over a decade old. I asked them “is it better or worse now?”


What do you think they said?


Now keep in mind – for the first workshop, the audience had very little acumen on natural health and self-healing. At the second workshop, the Vaccine workshop, almost all of them had a long history, in many respects, with natural health and self-healing.


What would you say? 


Do you think our kids are healthier now than a decade ago?


More than likely, just like our audience, you would reflexively say that our children are NOT healthier. 


Something to consider: We have more doctors, more therapies, more hospitals, and more of the conventional system than ever before at our fingertips, but our children are getting worse.


Some would go as far as to say that maybe this is on purpose; maybe the system isn’t actually designed to help. Some of you, parents, have expressed to us that you feel the system is set up for our children to fail in the short AND the long term.


I was thinking about this deeply, and I recorded a solo cast that will air in a couple weeks about some of those deeper ruminations; because I believe that parents are no longer satisfied with a quick fix.


As busy, and pressed for time and energy as we are, we have no time for simply “managing symptoms”. We need to help our children heal at the ROOT.


There is (in my opinion, and yes, I am very biased) NOTHING better than a nervous system focused chiropractor for you and your family, for virtually every stage of your lives.


In the previous blog, I mentioned that it was really important for us to identify and dismantle a lot of our old beliefs. It is important to change our actions and habits. The sustainability of our health habits are predicated upon the dissolution of belief systems that no longer serve us.


In my opinion, one of the most important beliefs to dismantle is highlighted by a very powerful analogy that I was taught early in my graduate school education.


Medicine is the fire department.


When you have a fire raging in your body, or your kids body, it is really important to call the fire department.


What do they bring? They typically bring their best tools: axes and fire hoses. A.k.a. drugs and surgery. 


In many respects, they save your home, and they save lives. We should be grateful for that. 


However, once you put a fire out, you never call the fire department back to rebuild your home.


Who do you call?


You would likely call a contractor!

An electrician?

A plumber?


Who do you think would be the best contractor for your body’s healing? 

Well, those who say anyone other than YOURSELF is lying to you. You are solely responsible for your own healing.


…but kids are different. 


Yes, kids’ bodies heal themselves, too, but the world of pediatric healthcare is confusing at best and completely misguided at worst. There is literally no one better for you and your family than a properly trained, prenatal, and pediatric chiropractor who focuses on optimizing the nervous system. 


This is a humble invitation to take advantage of our Spring Clean your Health Promotion. Please share it with your friends and your family members, especially if you or any of your kids have a miracle story. 


There is no greater privilege that we have than to serve you. It would be an honor and pleasure to serve more of those in your life just like you and your family.


Love and appreciate you all ♥️




P.S. Since many of you asked, here are links to the workshops we hosted this week! 


Unraveling Neurodevelopmental Disorders passcode: N!R1fLW


Vaccine Workshop passcode:$V