As we move through January, our family is finally starting to settle after we hosted for three weeks over the holidays. It’s absolutely beautiful how much family and community impacts the holistic health of my kids. They adore their cousins, they absolutely live to honor their grandparents and with Luka walking, it’s a whole new ball game 🙂 


Mostly because he absolutely loves his sister. He follows her around and honestly will not play some games and with some toys without her.


And it’s really neat to see her really enjoy his company as well.



It’s crazy how much it disrupts the routine when you have young kids. We eat different foods, the whole family is a part of the morning and evening adjustment rhythm, Ama cleans you while you’re still playing with something.


But if I’m honest, we miss my parents so much and it really is worth it.


This is a post I wrote about my mom on her birthday



But as we move into the year, we can already feel the buzz. We started to feel it toward the end of last year, and to be frank, there was a lot of stress that I carried, because I honestly wish it came sooner.


We’ve invested a lot of money in this move, both personally and professionally. And in the end, I know it will be way beyond worth it, and I’m gonna tell you a little story as to why.


This past week our team rallied big to host our first “Unraveling Neurodevelopmental Disorders” workshop. I’ve taught a version of this workshop for over a decade. This one caught fire in a big way.


We had 80+ registrants.

We had about 25 in attendance.

And we have already had some moms bring their kiddos in.


Without giving too many details, especially those that would violate HIPAA, I wanted to share a story about how important mothers are as a major influence on healthcare.


One of the mothers brought in her young daughter who is moving through puberty early. And she shared a story about how her pediatrician had suggested puberty blockers.


I asked if the pediatrician had mentioned any of the risks associated with such an intervention, and she was able to list off many of the risks of early puberty, but not many of known side effects of drugs like leuprolide. 



I told this mother that normally, I don’t break state that often, but because I have a daughter, this literally brings tears to my eyes. If you have not heard of this drug, please watch the documentary “What is a Woman?” By Matt Walsh


When this mother began to tell me the story about her daughter, I immediately assumed (which both Dr. Ryan and Dr. Chloe did as well when I told them the story) the doctor would recommend birth control. Which I also would not recommend for various reasons for virtually anyone (ahem they are linked to cancers amongst other chronic illnesses).


But many have reported that these dangerous drugs, which are used to chemically castrate sex offenders (this is a primary use), can end a family tree immediately.


Just last week, I interviewed the top cultural authority with regard to preconception health and well-being within Chiropractic. She has 175 successful pregnancies that equates to a greater than 100% success rate within her program (because many families have had multiples). 


Without the use of any drugs or any dangerous medical interventions.


I interviewed her because my wife miscarried in 2021.


A week after someone who was recently covid vaccinated visited us.


In fact, every one of my family members has had an adverse reaction from whatever is shedding or transmitting. I shared on a recent blog what our protocol is for detox. We have implemented that, and have not had any issues.


Just this past week, I interviewed the wonderful Dr. Christiane Northrup, who is a co-author in a study published that discusses the adverse reactions of the Covid shot, especially as it affects women, cycles, and fertility. This is not my research, this is PubMed indexed researched.



Here is the link again:


I was one of the first in 2021 to speak about this. The lead author of the study, Tiffany Parotto, has a lot of great insight, and we are bringing her back very soon to discuss a second study that will be published, specifically on shedding.


Why does this matter?


This matters because mothers, especially of young girls, are often the canaries in the coal mine, when it comes to pediatric healthcare. if Providers really begin to listen, and truly aim for informed consent and create and hold a space for the whole truth, we begin to see how far down the path pediatric medicine is gone.


While this amazing mother did mention that the doctor did say that nutrition and toxicity (endocrine disruptors) could be an issue, there was no conversation about changing lifestyle in any capacity.


Here, take this pill.

Oh, by the way, I’m not gonna tell you anything about the risks of this which include ending your child’s fertility, potentially.


But here’s what I also know; there’s a statistic from the documentary I mentioned above that was one of the most revealing and shocking. That, for every gender transition, big pHARMa receives something to the tune of $1.5 million. 


Multiply that by the population of about the same number of transgender people and that’s $2 TRILLION.


No one in conventional healthcare is even trying to find the root cause(s). They actually make a blind assumption that you will not change, and worse, they are making that same assumption with your kids.


No one even considers what system regulates the endocrine system. Ahem, the nervous system.


No one even tries to inspire better detoxification and drainage for conditions known to be driven by toxicity.


This is exactly why we are hosting our detox workshop this weekend. This is one of the ways that I helped heal myself from multiple experimental anthrax and smallpox shots from my Iraq deployment. 


And I’m really excited because it is one of the few programs that includes gentle and sustainable lifestyle changes, while supporting multiple systems of detox (gut, liver and kidney/lymph). 


Register here:


I want you to know that this is going to be the very best year in the history of our organization. 


I believe that in my bones.


And I believe it not because I want to, but because every day, we are literally experiencing more miracles in our practice than ever. This is at virtually every stage and age of life. This is on both ends of the spectrum: healing the root cause of chronic illness and optimizing wellness and prevention.


We have seen more beautiful babies, born in more conscious settings. I will tell you, after doing this for so many years, that it is the babies that really nourish the soul of a practice like ours. And when mothers are honored throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience, these babies are very different physiologically.


Every baby is beautiful

Every baby has infinite worth and value.


But ask our front desk team what they notice when they get to hold and cuddle these babies. 


Their tone is different.

Muscle tone. 

Emotional tone. 

Digestive tone. 

Spiritual and Energetic tone is different. 


And when they get adjusted, we begin to remember what normal, vibrant health truly is.


I can’t thank you enough for being with us on this journey.


Send all of your family and friends in. Whether it is as a new patient or if it’s to any of our workshops or fun events that we are hosting. Every opportunity is a chance to grow this aligned and powerful community.


Your friends and families need us. 


Because your friends and family are just like this little girl. And this mom was put in a really tough position. I honor this mother for her honesty and for her trust in us.


Our gift of health promotion is still active throughout the rest of the month.


Take advantage of that here:–bright-offer-2023-landing-page


Love and appreciate you all ♥️