I have been thinking about all of you since I wrote the last newsletter. Over the last couple weeks, I have felt like we have had an influx of parents who have displayed extraordinary amounts of love for their kids.


We have heard some of the hardest stories, kiddos journeys, and on one end, I think we all feel a radical shift in their potential as a result of what we get to measure in our office. But I wanted to say straight away that the measurements are really really key, but they are really nothing compared to the love that you show for your kids.


On many occasions, we have heard really amazing stories of how you guys have really stepped up for your families. Every day I get to witness the most incredible bravery displayed within our practice, from the patients who choose us as their family’s guide to optimal wellness.


It’s not an easy thing to choose Chiropractic. It’s not an easy thing to choose Chiropractic as a Chiropractor. From the inception of our profession, we have been targeted by Rockefeller/Pharma driven medicine. Over the years we have essentially become the black sheep of the black sheep within the natural health community, too. 


And yet every day we wake up and do everything we can to be in service to you.



I was described a couple years ago as “angry”. Because I’ve been so outspoken, so many others have viewed me in that light. And on the surface, people could think that. 


Some people are grateful for it, some people are totally turned off by it. But to those who look a little deeper, they see something a little different. 


Fun fact: my wife stopped following me because my posts were too spicy.


And what I hope they see is you. Mom and dad. 


Because that’s been my formula over the last several years:


Take the conversations that I have with the amazing moms and dads in my practice and make a meme on Twitter and post it on Instagram.


You have told me stories about the amazing miracles your family has had in our practice and outside of the conventional medical system.


You have told me the most tragic stories about injuries from medical products.


You’ve told me about how much shame, guilt, and coercion has been leveraged on you and your family.


You have told me about the number of lies. You’ve been told about the safety of medical products and procedures, but also about the prognosis of your health or your children’s health.


And after what we went through during Covid and all the truths that were revealed, there is one truth that is The TRUTH. 


There is nothing more powerful than the love we have for our kids. Every story you’ve told us gives us more and more evidence that the righteous, anger, and frustration, that all of us have felt, wasn’t just because we were angry, wasn’t just because we were frustrated, and wasn’t only because we felt and raged, and in many respect still do; It’s simply because we love our kids.


It’s simply because we know that as a society we could do better.

We know that at the end of the day, it will always come down to people. People can choose to lie, people can choose to coerce, people can choose to shame, guilt, and manipulate.


Recently, a nurse told me of the many de-humanistic practices that happen in labor and delivery/pediatric settings directed at mom‘s (and their kids) when they want to make a choice that opposes the medical “standard of care”. 


We have heard our community members tell us about how nonchalant OB/GYN’s are about terminating pregnancies. How much gaslighting occurs when you want to forgo or delay shots that I’ve never been tested for safety, or what is one of the worst aspects of all, delivering a horrible prognosis for your child’s health, completely devoid of hope largely because that’s “the standard”.


At the end of the day, a person chooses these practices. 


OR people can tell the truth. 


And people, especially doctors, nurses, teachers, legislators, friends, and family can choose LOVE.


If there has been a deep intention behind anything I have ever communicated about, posted about, or have said to you in person, it is that I love being a Chiropractor, because I love the fact that we believe in this radical healing capacity.


You know of the infinite healing capacity that no one can opt out of.


The healing capacity that is operationalizing, that infinite wisdom, that literally conceived and birthed all of us. 


Every day that chiropractors put on their “uniforms“ and go to the office, we inherently take arrows. We take arrows, and we chose this profession, largely knowing we were going against the grain.


And in the end, we do it for you.

And we do it for our kids. Because inherently your kids are our kids’ friends. 


Eventually, this mission will outlive us, and because of that the more love that we can give to your kids, the more we invest in loving our Future Generations.


Would you like to help us spread the love? You can, by sharing our “Love is in the Air” monthly promotion far and wide, so we can continue to serve this wonderful community with LOVE. And as a special thank you, we are throwing in a chance for a special date night for you and your loved one if you refer your friends and family!


Love and appreciate you all. ♥️