My son turned two last week, and it’s almost impossible to believe where he is today. I just got a reminder about where he was a year ago and to see his developmental progress over the last year is nothing short of a miracle. Up until about a week before his birthday, we were certain we were not going to have a party.



As a result of the healing work that we’ve been doing with our life coach, she suggested that we aim to be as stable as possible; that we focus on creating consistency, rhythms, and rituals for our family, and not host unless we knew for sure that it would not be too disruptive.



I sat back, really thinking about how much he has grown; he went from being one of our biggest worries, to one of our sincerest miracles, and I really would not have felt good inside, if we didn’t celebrate him. We had a small party, and without realizing how many of our friends and family have A LOT of children, it ended up being a bigger party. It was worth it.




We made sure, on both ends of the party, that we had time and space for our family to stay as balanced as possible.


We are learning about healthy boundaries to preserve our family unit, our own hearts, and especially, our healing.


I remember when my wife and I moved in together almost a decade ago. She had just read the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up by Marie Kondo. It was one of the things that attracted me most to her – the ability to organize our home, our lives, and create very clean, warm, and inviting aesthetics. 


Within 6 weeks of moving in together, she took me through this purging process where I got rid of nearly ¾  of my wardrobe, files, storage and beyond. It was uncomfortable at best and in some respects, incredibly painful, but so necessary and, in the end, so freeing. 


Our office and our home are essentially her canvas, and she paints her beautiful picture… so many of you have commented on her decor in the office. 


It really made me think of where we are at in the year.


Have you ever heard that January is not really our new year? I learned about this last year. That we do the work and build up all this energy for January as the “new year”, when the reality is, springtime is actually the new year. 


Innately, that makes sense right? 

Doesn’t it seem a little obvious that winter is really hunkering down? Really trying to lay low and to hibernate? I think it’s one of the most important factors that I’ve really tried to reset in my mind. 


The expectation that we are going to achieve major goals and “resolutions” in the dead of winter is odd at best… a hoax at worst.


It’s no wonder that we lose momentum on so many of our resolutions so quickly and so easily. It is unnatural to try to really expand in the winter. Now it doesn’t necessarily mean we should retract, but it does mean that we should try our best to preserve, save up, and store away.


There’s a clear line in history that says, “perhaps we’ve been looking at this all wrong.” There’s some really good value for doing the very best we can to store as much as we can away, so that when it comes time for spring, we can work to do as nature intended and bloom


This is the inherent WHY behind our promotion starting this month- to truly think about what it is that you want to grow with regarding your health in 2024.



Spring cleaning at my house really looks like taking out the garbage. Last month, I taught a detox workshop that was really well received, and I think that is one of the foundations to healing that is trending right now, but not a lot of people know how to operationalize it. Please watch this video. I made a few months back regarding simple supplementation to detoxification. 


I look around our property, and I see some flowers starting to bloom. We are seeing our peach tree starting to bud and our Lott tree starting to fruit. It is really important to realize that nature is simple, and nature is actually unstoppable. I made a post recently on my Instagram that showed one of the walks that we get to do right from our backyard. It is absolutely breathtaking and it is one of the most secretive spots that I find to be an amazing gem in San Diego county.



What I loved most about it was the absolute monstrosity of the palm trees that are growing out of this creek and the root systems of the maple trees that are literally inspiring. My mom and I were uprooting some honeysuckle bushes along our driveway, which are such small bushes, but we noticed a vine that has a root system that is largely, exponentially the size of what appears on the outside.



THAT is one of the facts of life; the ability to grow up is always based upon your willingness to dig as deep as possible. Also, the reason why we’re pulling up these honeysuckle bushes is because we are trying to make room for our passionfruit vines. We know that these passionfruit vines don’t have enough space in the soil to grow.


…so what am I trying to say?


It’s really simple. One of the first things you have to do is: remove the interferences that exist- not only in your soil, but in your nervous system. When you do this, you allow your body, your mind, and your spirit to grow free of toxicity and interference.


You also have to realize that you have to dig deep. If you want to get to the root of your issues, you have to dig deep into your habits, your actions, and your lifestyle choices. Further, you have to dig deep into your belief systems.


When we do this, we are primed for the radical healing and transformation we see in nature. 


It’s unstoppable, as you and your kids can also be. 


This is my humble invitation for you to invite your friends and family to take advantage of our “Spring Clean Your Health” offer. It’s time for all of us to heal at the root. 


We have all seen that when one of us heals, our family begins to heal. For those of you who have your whole family healing with us, you have mentioned that your community has witnessed and commented on the transformation you are experiencing, but when our community heals together, the ripple effect is unstoppable. 


You are a miracle.

Take out the trash.

Grow deep roots.

Like Nature and Luka, be unstoppable.


Love and appreciate you all. ♥️