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Wellness Care



The idea behind lifetime wellness, or what we like to call “protection,” is to keep the improvements we have made.  Upon completion of a corrective course of care, an objective measurable amount of correction should have been made.  Also, we should have seen a subjective resolution of initial complaints, at the very least a significant reduction in symptoms and always a deeper awareness surrounding the root causes of your health challenges.


reality check

◉  Most chiropractic offices don’t do any clinical outcome measures. We are different. We always see measurable improvement. 

◉  Objectivally, that could be a decrease in structural shifts via x-rays, a decrease in the number of subluxations present on x-ray, a decrease in overall stress to the system via our neurospinal scans, or an increase in heart rate variability.  

◉  A common analogy we like to use is going to the gym.  Someone who goes to the gym for 6 months several times a week, is not likely to stop after 6 months.  After seeing all of the positive effects the gym has had on themselves, they are likely to keep up with the habit to further those positive changes.



philosophy & methods

There is a significant difference between our office and conventional medical practices. Everything they do in their paradigm is linear. They use the visual analog scale to judge the severity of symptoms (i.e. my pain is 10/10) and the goal is always less or no symptoms (0/10 VAS).

There is a significant difference between our office and conventional chiropractic/natural health practices. Without clinical outcome measures, other conventional chiropractic/natural health practices will resort to symptoms and inadvertently become a natural allopathic (symptom relief practice).

We see lifetime wellness as an opportunity to protect the investment you’ve made in yourself and your family. It is also a time where we see some of the most profound changes in our patients, families and community. 

Healing in a vitalistic model is infinite. As an example, one night you can have the best night’s sleep and then improve upon that the very next night. There is no limit to how good your digestion can be, how much peace of mind you feel or how inspired and aligned you feel in your life. 

A deep part of our mission is to help you need us and all doctors less. 


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