It’s really crazy seeing the health of our community transform over the years. 9 years is NOT that long, but to think of how much change I’ve seen over the last decade, it is NUTS.

Everyone is sick! ALL. THE. TIME.

We no longer have a flu season, WE HAVE A FLU “HALF OF THE YEAR”.

And the other half of the year is now, wait for it…… ALLERGIES…

  • 1 in 2 kids has allergies (seasonal or food)
  • 1 in 11 kids has asthma
  • 1 in 13 kids has severe food allergies

All of this has been totally NORMALIZED by our society and medical system.

None of the above are NORMAL responses from the body.

The truth of the matter is simple… We all have an immune system that cannot adapt the environment.

Whether it is…

…your kids at daycare

…the foods they cannot tolerate

…a single dust mite or the tiniest bit of pollen.


Stuffy, Fever, Congested, Runny, Coughing, etc. etc.

Or worse

Ear Infections.

Ear Infections are the single greatest reason for visits to the pediatrician and largely their main recommendations are:

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Ear Tubes

There are a couple problems with this.

First, most ear infections (upwards of 80%) are viral which antibiotics do nothing for.

If your doctor tells you otherwise, find another doc.

Second, ear tubes don’t heal appropriately and can permanently change the integrity of the tympanic membrane. it can be rather permanent….

… but potentially the idea is right… there is a plumbing issue.

Most professionals have no idea that the immune system, just like every other function in the body is run by the nervous system.

Check out this diagram:

Ear infections are the EFFECT.

The cause is MALFUNCTION in the:

  1. Ear, Eyes, Nose and Throat System
  2. The Inner/Middle Ear
  3. Sinuses and
  4. Immune System


These malfunctioning areas are caused by an upper cervical subluxation pattern.

In general, there are two major concerns:

One, the area cannot drain. The infection is not the cause, it is the effect of stagnant fluids in the ear, sinuses and other areas listed above. Ear infections are a plumbing issue. If the area cannot drain, it really doesn’t matter what you throw at it, the area will never be cleansed.

Two, the immune system is interfered with and cannot fight. The immune system is controlled by the autonomic system. If it cannot fight, then we have a problem in the ears AND throughout the whole body. If the brain cannot send signals to the immune system, it cannot release natural killer cells, macrophages, white blood cells, antibodies or other immunological weapons efficiently. There is no amount of drug or nutritional supplement that would be able to neutralize the infection.

In the end, the nervous system is king and queen of the body. If it is interfered with, the body simply cannot heal. Kids today are sicker than ever because they do not get checked for subluxation.

A recent study by Dr. Ron Pero, a leading cancer and genetic research specialist, found that chiropractic patients of all ages had a 200% greater “immune competence” than people who had never received Chiropractic care and a 400% greater immune competence than people with serious diseases (Pero, R. (1988).”Boosting Immunity Through Chiropractic.”East-West Magazine).

Ask any of our patients if their families get sick nearly as often as the rest of the population… take it from one of our moms,

“My kids have NEVER been on antibiotics and have never had an ear infection! They UNDERSTAND their body’s ability to heal.”

This is a mother of two (5 and 3). Both kids adjusted since birth. Their whole family and extended family are under care.

This is NORMAL function – All kids deserve to express their inborn health potential!


In health,

Dr. Stan