This is my favorite time of year every year. With a total number of 7 – November brings more birthdays in my family than any other month. I love that the air gets cooler, the waves get bigger and, it’s the time of year for gratefulness and giving. I remember the feeling of being away at West Point and during my time in the military, and having this special time include me getting on the plane to come home for Thanksgiving.

There is no better time of the year.

This morning I wrote in my journal that I am grateful for my beautiful girlfriend, the new amazing staff we have, and the incredible opportunity to be in a profession that allows me to be in service to all of you and our community. I am truly grateful.

This week, I was asked how I navigate so many personalities and perspectives. With the election results coming in last week and having a patient base (and a Facebook feed) that literally spans the entire spectrum – this is an extremely valid question.

There has been an ongoing theme in my life… and what I will tell you is the answer is gratitude. And not as a bromide courtesy that we just say during Thanksgiving but deep-rooted, heartfelt thankfulness.

First and foremost to be alive and to navigate is a human experience. If you don’t want to be human, well, consider the fact that even contemplating another existence is largely a trait of the human brain.

There are generally three levels of gratitude and appreciation:

First there is tolerance. Second, acceptance. And last, appreciation.

To be completely frank, I think our goals are too small. We expect tolerance and we aim to tolerate when the energy and act of appreciation is what our polarized world needs now more than ever. If you want love, give love – Be Love. If you want thanks, give thanks – Be Thanks.

If you want to know how to appreciate. Don’t overcomplicate it and it’s not really that touchy-feely. Simply make it a point to leave others (and this world) incredibly better than you found them.

A mentor of mine once told me “When you love people for who they are, they become who you love”. This has been so valuable for me. Love people for who they are and there is possibility and potential for change and growth. Choosing not to, well the opposite is true.

Thank you for trusting me to be your chiropractor. I hope you know I don’t take the responsibility lightly. Fully believe that when it comes to prevention, we are one of the most significant providers on the planet.

We certainly appreciate all of you.