“Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.”

This is one of my favorite quotes on self-healing that one of my mentors taught me this year.

If you really think about it, what if you knew at the deepest core of you that not only does your body literally heal you from the inside out, but far greater than anyone has allowed you to believe?

Would you do anything differently?

I’ve been studying healthcare since my undergrad, and while I chose not to go to medical school upon graduation, I didn’t really know why. I did an internship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center with the top pre-med students at West Point and upon completion, I basically pulled myself out of the program.

It wasn’t clear to me then but my intuition was letting me know there was a better path for that time in my life and my career in healthcare would not be in conventional medicine.

My peers in that group are some of the top physicians in the army – most are lieutenant colonels at this point and I honestly can’t even picture myself standing alongside them.

Fast forward nearly 20 years for me and here we are…

We have one of the most impactful clinical chiropractic practices in San Diego county. I use the words “clinical” chiropractic we are very intentional about understanding the underlying challenges to the nervous system and we are deeply committed in helping you cultivate a vision for your health and that of your family’s far greater than you’ve imagined.

So back to the quote above… do you know why we see so many kids?

Yes, they respond more efficiently to chiropractic care.
Yes, helping kids heal changes the trajectory of their lives so significantly some will never see the chronicity 85% of adults see today.

But, for a second, think about their belief systems.

Most of us have a belief system that our genes are our destiny. (Hint: they aren’t…)
Most of us have a belief system that our genes are programmed for failure and eventual illness… (Hint: they aren’t…)
Most of us have a belief system that the eventual illness must be managed by a drug, supplement or anything outside of you…

But what if the opposite is true?

What if your genes are programmed for healing?
What if your genes are an extension of this brilliant healing potential inside you?
What would it do to a child’s mind if they didn’t have to be handcuffed to prescription drugs?

My assertion is they would have a simultaneously conscious and subconscious transformation of who they are. Expand that to an entire classroom? A whole school? A county, state, country? What possibly could we see?

So as we embark on a new year, I would like to invite you to expand your vision for what’s possible.

  1. What type of health would you LOVE to have for you and your family?
  2. What new actions would you be willing to take to create that new reality?
  3. What are the characteristics of that person?

For the first question, begin with the end in mind and make this two-fold. What health challenges would you like to see improve? And from a more vitalistic standpoint, what would you love to see more of? (Examples include excellence in: peace of mind, inspiration, energy and vibrancy, sleep, resilience, etc.)

For question 2, let’s get action-based. What are the things you would need to do to get you where you want. Einstein says it’s insanity to do the same exact things and expect a different results. If you want different, do different. If you want better, do better.

And lastly and most important, what are the characteristics of the person who takes action and gets optimal results? What new traits can you take on? This is the most critical piece because this is where your sovereignty lies and who you are while you’re doing what you’re doing is primary in the results that you get. (Examples: proactive, solution-focused, inspired, etc.)

This is the basis of what we do in the practice. We are founded on having an inspired vision for where you want to go with your health, having a plan and taking proactive action on it, and all the while choosing to be empowered throughout the process.

I am very excited to see what you all come up with! Feel free to send them our way! Let’s look back in a year from now and be stoked at all that we’ve accomplished together.