Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

As I write this, I am in the middle of the Standard Process Purification Program. I’ve done this program for over 10 years now, but during chiropractic school, I starting to implement it into my annual health rhythms in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I wanted to go against the grain of “letting things go” during the holidays and this is the perfect way!

This has evolved to be my time to reflect on the previous year and create something really inspiring for the future.

Have you thought about that recently?

Last year, one of my patients was recounting that at the end of 2015 she had spent thousands of dollars on natural health care only to feel ‘about the same’ as the previous years. This was a sobering comment to me because she had been and still is a member of our practice for many years now (admittedly, I have never been her ‘primary’ natural health provider.)

But that comment shook me.

On one end, it is awesome she does not feel worse… that’s really important but, I cannot imagine investing that much time, energy and money in anything with seemingly no tangible return on investment. Her spine and nervous system are much better but she ‘felt’ about the same and that’s not how a healthy body really works.

I decided then, that I was not doing my job. I felt in some part like I had failed her, and you all. Last year I shared a story about a patient who said chiropractic care ‘saved his life’ and we committed to recreating that experience for all of you.

With evolving the practice, came our decision to engage you all in more powerful ways on what’s possible for your health. We’ve put together long-term care strategies to get you on the path towards healing that actually improves year-after-year.

Is there really a limit to how healthy you can become?

The answer: It depends on your definition of Health.

Using our definition… there really is, no limit.


End of year results are showing that so many of you are in the midst of a remarkably more healthful year than previous years and so many more of you are joining the tribe.  Together we are paving that path forward.

Here is part of my process in preparing for the next year. Write down answers to the following prompts:

First Step: What do you really want 12 months from now? Make this a big vision. Do you want to be more flexible? Do you want to eat better? Would you love to improve your regimen in any particular way?

For me? I’d love to get better at indoor rock climbing. I am at about a 5.10a in top rope climbing and I would love to get to 5.11b in the next year.

Second Step: Ask yourself, what do I have to do to get there? Make this detailed and actually put it in your calendar.

A wise teacher once told me, “if you don’t put your high priorities in your calendar first,  someone will fill the space with a low priority”. Is there really any higher priority than your health, or that of your family?

For me? I will have to climb twice a week, functionally train with weights once or twice a week, and yoga/surf once or twice a week. For proper recovery, my nutrition and my own chiropractic care has to be on point.

Third Step: Think about “the who” you have to be to do those things that you scheduled.

Did you know that who you are when you do something matters almost as much as the action of doing it?

Have you ever answered the phone and knew the person you were talking to was smiling? Have you ever smiled on the phone and brightened someone’s day?

For me? It’s being committed to health and leading by example for all of you. It’s about being focused on my long-term wellness that includes active rest and recuperation. It’s about having FUN along the way.

Believe it or not, this is the way the world works.

Again, 3 steps.

What do you want? When you plan your year, you begin with the ‘end in mind’, like Stephen Covey says.

What will you do to get it? Then, map out an action plan focused on your goal that’s flexible enough to deal with the unknown changes here and there.

Who will you be? But most importantly, you choose who you want to be.

My best teachers have always taught me different versions of this process so I thought I would share it along so you have even greater possibility and potential for 2017!

I hope this helps and I sincerely wish you all a more healthful 2017. If you need anything from me, just gives us a call or shoot us an email!