By Dr. Kaitlyn Shikada

Jessica came to us at the end of 2017 because she had been suffering with neck pain for a few months and it was impacting her ability to breakdance. In her health history, we uncovered she was also experiencing headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), patches of vision loss, vertigo, asthma, and panic attacks.

In the initial examination of her nervous system, we found:

  • decreased active range of motion in all directions of both her cervical and lumbar spine
  • asymmetrical weight distribution of +7lbs on one side
  • weakness in the muscles controlled by the nerves in her cervical spine
  • hyperesthesia (increased sensation) in multiple areas

Along with a neck curve that was starting to reverse, the biggest measurements we found on her X-Rays were a 26 degree Whitehorn’s angle (inclination of C2 measuring mechanical pressure on the transition between the brain and spinal cord) and a 83.70mm Anterior Head Carriage from the anterior tubercle of C1 to the posterior C7 spinous process.

We were excited she had found her way to our office and knew she would experience life-changing results, but we didn’t even realize just how many wins she would have.

During her first year of care, she suffered a concussion, which she had experienced before, but this time she noticed her brain fog and difficulty concentrating resolved MUCH quicker than times before!

Jessica also shared with us “[she] used to get bronchitis twice a year, but haven’t had an episode since seeing Dr. Stan and Dr. Kaitlyn.” Her immune system leveled up and added so much freedom to her life.

Along with reports of significant decreases in the symptoms she was previously experiencing, her end of year exam showed many improvements in our objective findings as well. We measured:

  • a 50% improvement in Whitehorn’s angle
  • a 5mm decrease of anterior head carriage
  • Change in weight distribution to +0.6lbs
  • NO muscle weakness
  • NO abnormal sensation
  • NORMAL ranges of motion in both her neck and low back!

With less energy needing to be spent on fighting her colds, neck pain, and headaches, Jessica has been able to dance her heart out and travel the world without a single concern for her ability to be well.

She has since started seeing Olivia, our Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and has seen more AMAZING results in her digestion, mood, mental clarity, and more!

Jessica continues to get adjusted per her recommended care schedule because she understands how important getting checked for vertebral subluxation is to keeping her healthy and functioning at her best! We love when our practice members are dedicated to their health journey and even more, we love celebrating them when they hit their health goals along the way!

Are you and your family functioning at your highest potential and living your best life? A thorough examination of your nervous system will give us the information needed to help you get there.

We look forward to serving you and your loved ones!