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Prenatal Care



In 1900, 95% of women gave birth at home. Today, 98% of births take place in the hospital. It is our humble knowing that a woman’s biology equips her to further the human race whether they believe it or not. Our birth environments and especially providers should empower women with the choices they have to make and to the biological fact.


reality check

◉ Our rate of caesarian section in San Diego is 33%.

◉ Our infant mortality rate in San Diego is 4.1 per 1000 live births (would rank 35th in the world).

◉ Maternal mortality rates have been increasing in California since the mid-1990s.


philosophy & methods

It is big part of our mission to help our moms achieve the birth of their dreams.

Excellent health is the ultimate goal for mom and the growing baby inside. Because of this, it is never too early to start chiropractic care. Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy allows mom’s nervous system to operate at its fullest potential which then provides a perfectly balanced environment – both structurally and functionally – vital to the development of a healthy baby.

Bringing mom into balance allows the baby’s normal development of primitive reflexes. These reflexes begin developing at 5 weeks and continue until the 28th week in utero. They are then perfected during the final trimester so baby can sleep, poop, eat and function PERFECTLY upon birth.

Prenatal chiropractic care with a primary focus on the Webster technique is a specialized approach to adjusting expecting moms that not only normalizes structure (i.e. real estate for baby) but also mom’s brain-body connection. Optimizing this connection in mom leads to an optimized neurological development in baby.


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