By Dr. Stanton Hom

When I think about this month’s theme, it warms my heart and makes me smile so big knowing my daughter, like so many of your kids, will grow up with chiropractic so front and center in her life.

It seems like every week this month, I have had some of the most profound conversations with parents about the health of their children. I sit back knowing…

… it’s not a matter of IF they will heal, but WHEN.

That’s a powerful mindset to enter into a consultation with and it’s one I have grown to begin and end with “… because chiropractic”. More than anything, this mindset is the most important one I can help you develop, and master, as a part of our practice.

When I presented her child’s results to her, one mother sat truly shocked and upset asking, “I mean, isn’t this JUST ANATOMY?” Keep in mind, she wasn’t mad at me, but at the fact that upon visiting doctor after doctor, provider after provider, not one of them ever mentioned the nervous system’s involvement anywhere in her child’s health.

Not one.

They diagnose condition after condition, prescribe drug after drug, procedure after procedure, therapy after therapy, all meant with the greatest intentions to treat the symptom or condition, but never once ask WHY it’s there in the first place.

Because the cause is always relegated to something I believe is the most damaging of belief systems: CHANCE.

Have you ever had any of these conversations before?

“You have _______ in your family, so no wonder your child has .”
“Well your child is always sick because day care is full of viruses and bacteria.”
“Your kiddo is just a bad pooper, sleeper,
(fill in the blank).”
“Hey, some of us are just born unlucky..”

Have you ever thought deeply about what the underlying message is conveyed to you and your child?

“You have no choice”
“You have no sovereignty”

“You have no POWER”

One of my life’s best mentors, Dr. David Jackson, would always say “Healthy by Choice, not by chance.”

And a corollary to that will paint this month’s themes:


When human beings realize they have the choice, sovereignty, and power to be vibrantly healthy, we make better choices. And with better choices consistently over time comes results most in healthcare would consider miracles.

Over the course of this month, we’ll share these miracles with you because keeping them to ourselves will keep them away from someone who really needs to hear it.

If you have a story to share, fill out on of those little notes on the front desk labeled “…because chiropractic”. We’d love to share it along with so many others.

We believe every child on the planet deserves to be checked for subluxation and adjusted when necessary. Your stories will help parents see the true value of what this community is.

To a wondrous new year and decade!

Dr. Stan