Yesterday we saw a beautiful one-week old baby boy. I cannot tell you honored I feel having the privilege to check babies so early after birth. That level of trust parent have in me is something I hold very sacred.

After hundreds of expectant mommas as patients, I am told the birth process is the most challenging and traumatic in all of life. It’s not only a physical journey, some say “marathon͛, but a mental, emotional and spiritual one – for mom and baby.

This is why we exist as a practice. 

To be a part of such a significant moment, the growing of a family tree, well we don’t take it lightly. That gentle, specific adjustment will inspire healing in his body so that his breastfeeding challenges may self-correct and the potential for preventing future illness is optimized.

We are in the business of human potential. If that baby boy’s brain can perceive the environment correctly and tell its body what to do efficiently and accurately, we’ve done our job.

On September 17th,  we will be hosting a class on vaccination. As a chiropractor, I am not in a position to recommend that you should or should not vaccinate yourself or your child. That’s not in my scope. But after 11 years of studying the subject and now 7 years of clinical care, unless you have read several books, watched every documentary, or spent hours reading the research of vaccines, it breaks my heart to say you are uninformed.

People ask me all the time, are you pro or anti vaccine?  I am neither. I am pro-informed consent, and pro-peace of mind for my patients. What I know from talking with so many parents is that they’ve absolved most of their responsibility to their medical providers. This is totally fine IF their providers are giving them the full picture.

I am not anti-medicine. Medicine has saved my life twice and I am eternally grateful. Some of my closest family members are medical doctors and honestly, they are not only brilliant but they are great people and help a lot of people every day. But what I know about medicine is that their theories surrounding genes and germs aren’t wrong – they are incomplete. Let me repeat that, they are not wrong, they just aren’t the whole story. It is in the whole story where the true resilience and self-healing of our bodies lie.

As a vitalistic chiropractor who sees the world through a natural and holistic lens, it is my duty to complete the picture. Please buy a ticket and please attend this workshop. I promise it will be hugely impactful and practical.

Similar to that family I mentioned above…  that baby’s entrance into this world via VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) heals this family from the inside out. That first adjustment does something equally impactful and this class, for your family, could do the same.

FutureGen - Vaccine Talk SM 1

RSVP by Monday, September 12th.

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