By Dr. Stan Hom

Many of you know, I have been out for a couple weeks because Victoria and I are new parents! 

Our baby girl, Alana Mei Hom, was born at home at 10:14am on August 13th. She was 38 weeks and 2 days and to this day…Our Dream Come True. 

In an instant, we can have tears streaming down our faces with all those elevated emotions: 

Joy, Wonder, Inspiration, Gratitude, Love.

I cannot tell you how many people very confidently asserted that we were definitely having a BOY, but I am not surprised at all that we have a daughter. Victoria is well and simply over the moon. We get to empower, uplift and inspire this little female to simply soar through life. 

For the past 9 years, I have been a part of so many of pregnancy/birth teams – many of yours. Chiropractors are often not at births. We typically support families prenatally by helping build a great birth team, create birth preferences and plans. And we are there for the postpartum rebuilding of mom and baby’s body, mind and soul. 

I have had the privilege of attending many labors, have been to several home births,and I have been to some hospitals in the early postpartum for patients who requested my presence. 

This birth experience, our birth experience… was so beautiful. 

We are still processing through our birth experience and I am purposely leaving out all of the details and many of our emotions, lessons, and themes surrounding our experience. 

We are incredibly grateful for our pregnancy and birth team, who I will feature in future social media posts or blogs, etc. 

Victoria has always been my greatest champion and now this is just another huge reason as to why. What she did to birth our child, was pure magic; the greatest power I have ever witnessed and something I will be humbled by forever. 

Having a baby does something to you. Becoming a parent makes everything I have ever done in practice more real time. I’ve never been more consumed by anything in my life and I’ve never been so absolutely IN LOVE with anything in my life. 

Alana is simply the most beautiful wonder. 

And now this world…from the air she breathes to the kids she plays with… it all matters so much more. 

This brings me to our theme of the month. “Are my kids ahead?” is a question I get often.

When I meet someone new and they ask “what do you do?” I confidently respond, “I am a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor.” The look on their face as they process the image it conjures up in their minds is priceless

This theme is going to be so fun now that the Hom Family and our FG family now has skin in the game. 

The question above, typically comes some time in the first year of chiropractic care and everytime I hear it, I chuckle inside.  Your kids begin to truly express that inborn brilliance – their Innate Intelligence – which makes them simply NORMAL. 

More than ever, I want to express to you how important your decision is to be a part of a chiropractic practice like ours.

In the past, we have talked a lot about the fact that, as a whole, our childrens’ health is plummeting. For decades now, we have normalized abnormal health and physiology. 

Why? Because the pharmaceutical industry wants to normalize (as early as possible) drugs and all sorts of therapies–even for newborns. 

54% of our kids today will present with some sort of chronic illness in their childhood. You have seen me talk about that here and if you have been to any of our vaccine safety talks, you know the details. We all must understand CHRONIC is a term that used to be reserved for the elderly. 

Remember when our parents and grandparents would talk about their “blood pressure” or their “kidneys”? 

Just two days ago, my nieces hosted a summer camp. On the camp’s sign-in sheet, they included a space for each attending kiddo to list their allergies. Primed in the consciousness of our kids today is an understanding that we are unwell as a species. 

But this theme is going to take a different stance. It’s going to show you the proof in the pudding that FG represents for our community. That when we are successful on a case-by-case basis it creates on a community-wide basis. We will see how kids fully performing at their optimal health potential, truly navigate life. 

Because you see it. 

You see it in your kids temperament and resilience. 

You see it in their natural immunity. 

You see it in their digestion and gut health. 

You see it in their consciousness around food. 

You see it in their brain health, development. 

You see it in their connection within themselves and their surroundings. 

When we focus here: on the Infinite Wisdom that exists in the whole of the Universe and inspires Life and function through the whole of our bodies–especially our children, it becomes not a question of IF your kids heal, just a question of WHEN. 

The optimal expression of this Intelligence comes through with every adjustment in a greater and deeper way. 

When done repeatedly, specifically, and intentionally over time, we have a community of kids who absolutely thrive rather than survive like the rest of society. 

And truth be told, it’s more of a selfish desire now… I want my daughter to play with kids who are vibrant, inspired, empowered, uplifted; who know how to serve; who live with a sense of never ending awe and wonder… 

I want her to be immersed in a community where the kids know and believe–at the deepest level–they were made from this Loving Intelligence. That all of them, just like all of you, are miracles. 

Please, from the bottom of my heart, help us grow this community. Share this blog and all the videos, posts and other content that comes through this month. 

They may be the one thing that transforms a family’s life in your community. 

Thank you for all the well-wishes, for the best intention and love from all of you for Victoria, Alana and I. We felt so supported and so blessed. 

We cannot wait to bring Alana in to meet everyone!