Mental health is FINALLY at the forefront of conversations after 2 years of constant changes and ridiculous measures to “protect” our children.  Kids have been forced to wear masks at school indoors, even outdoors in some instances, despite it being nearly impossible to spread the boogie man in an outdoor setting.  The CDC has recently admitted that cloth masks DO NOT work, which means our kids have effectively been maskless for the last two years.  So what do we do?

In California, we mandate that everyone wears N95 masks, making breathing uncomfortable and difficult.  It has long been forgotten that most kids skate through these infections easier than a common cold.  Roughly half of our Future Generations patients are children and every single one that has gotten the virus has absolutely BREEZED through it. Statistically speaking and in our own experience, the majority of both adults and children who experience significant issues with the virus also have comorbidities compromising their body’s natural defenses.

It is abundantly clear our kids are awesome. That being said, during this tumultuous time, I’ve walked into adjusting rooms with families who: have kids in tears, kids who won’t utter a single word to me, kids suffering from anxiety and abnormally high levels of stress, siblings who are fighting constantly and kids who have seen significant increases in screen time. I have also witnessed kids who no longer want to go to school due to the many stressors which accompany such an endeavor and one child who had the expressed belief he was going to kill his grandparents just because he had to take a useless test. 

The children of today have endured the greatest mental impact from this pandemic. They have had their sports cancelled, been forced into isolation, not been afforded the natural closure of seeing grandparents as they pass on, had their socialization and sense of community stripped away from them, and have been inundated with the idea that their HEALTHY, VIBRANT bodies can unknowingly kill someone else just by living their lives. 

Dr. Stan has stated this is the biggest psychological operation of our time and I’d be hard pressed to not agree with him.

These kids are burnt out.  We can see it in our objective measures, we hear about it from their parents, and perhaps the most heartbreaking of all, we can see it in their eyes.  

If we step back from the emotional aspects of these facts and look at the statistics, what does the data say about our children’s experience with the virus?  We know if they are between the ages of 0-5, that they have an 11x greater chance of being killed in a car accident than perish as a result of contracting the virus and if they are aged 5-14, then they have a 6.5x more likelihood of dying from suicide.  

Now the sick part…

If they are aged between 15-24, they have an 8.9x more likelyhood of comiting suicide, and a 9.8x chance of dying from a drug overdose than they do of DYING from this virus that has changed our world forever.

The most unfortunate aspect is that no one is talking about this on the global or even national stage. We continue to hear about more masks, more jabs, and school closures.The people who are speaking out about this are being censored.  What’s the definition of insanity?

What do we know?  What do we need?

We know we NEED our communities now more than ever.  

Kids NEED their sports, NEED their friends, NEED to be able to see facial expressions for proper growth and development.  

Don’t believe me?  As a country, we are seeing a surge in speech and developmental delays largely due to the loss of socialization.  Don’t believe me, google it.

So what can we do?

I’d say to get back to as normal as possible and include as many of the following as possible:

  • See family and friends, unmasked, with lots of hugs and laughs
  • Participate in sports and group activities
  • Homeschool with other like-minded friends
  • Eat healthy whole foods and limit sugar 
  • Get outside and experience nature 
  • Never put a mask on unless it’s absolutely necessary (to board a plane)
  • Breathwork
  • Yoga
  • 5 minute journal or any comparable gratitude journal 
  • Get adjusted in a healing, loving and inspiring environment 

Lastly, to quote Dr Stan, because he put it perfectly…

“This is not my list, these are things parents have mentioned to me as a result of keeping their kids, OUR KIDS at Future Generations, out of the trends we see today in society. We are committed to Normalizing Vibrant Health for Life. We stand for Health Freedom for ALL Generations. And this is one major way we have been successful. Our parents know what to commit to and it’s not what anyone else says about how they should care for their kids’ mental well-being.”