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Dr Stanton Hom

family chiropractor

Dr Stanton Hom is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He earned a bachelors of science in Chemistry/Life Science/Pre-Medicine and was fortunate enough to be selected for an internship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He was afforded the opportunity to witness brain surgery, open-heart surgery and many other wonders of modern medicine. It was also here where he decided not to pursue medical school.

After a meritorious career in the military and upon arriving in San Diego in 2005, he had the incredible opportunity to live with his brother, Steve, and become his chiropractic patient. This transformed his life to a point where PTSD, severe digestive problems, chronic pain and stress became a thing of the past. His own self-healing, inspired him to take on a new mission of chiropractic.

Dr Stan graduated from the Southern California University of Health Sciences, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 2010 and has since served the San Diego community with excellent chiropractic care. He specializes in the whole family: from preconception through birth, infants, childhood and beyond. Together, he and his team have built one of the top clinics in Southern California.

Dr Ryan Kiser

family chiropractor

Dr Ryan was born and raised in Southern California, where he grew up playing a variety of sports. During his anatomy/physiology class in his senior year of high school, Dr Ryan fell in love with the intricacies of the human body. That class happened to be taught by a chiropractor, and Dr Ryan has not looked back since. He graduated from USC with a B.S. in Kinesiology followed by his doctorate from the Southern California University of Health Sciences. While obtaining his doctorate, he was the student doctor for the 2010 CSUN men and women’s championship track and field teams.

Dr Ryan has practiced all over San Diego County for the last 8 years. He has worked in 4 different San Diego offices under some of the county’s best docs. Before joining the FG team, he spent 4 years in Carlsbad, where he spent time honing his craft by delivering roughly 70,000 adjustments.

Prior to practicing in San Diego, he started his career practicing in Los Angeles where he worked with Olympians and world class soccer and basketball athletes from all over the world. Dr Ryan was also the head chiropractor on set for the Star Trek sequel in 2013, where he monitored the day-to-day stunts, and oversaw the cast.

Dr Ryan places an emphasis on whole body health. He knows proper nutrition, exercise, stress management, rest and an optimally functioning nervous system are the best ways to stay healthy and guides his patients to understand this daily. He seeks to find the root cause of disease instead of focusing all the attention on the effects. He does not treat disease, but rather restores proper function to the spinal column and nervous system, allowing the body to return to normal function.

In his off time, Dr Ryan stays active with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, in which he is a purple belt. He loves eating, cooking, and trying new restaurants. Future Generations has quickly deduced his scaling system for food that he likes.


Business Operations Manager

Irene is a proud San Diego native and deeply dedicated to holistic healing and wellness. She landed her dream job with Future Generations and jumped at the chance to blend her business acumen with her passion for root-cause healing.

Her background includes a B.S. in Business Management, from the Eller College of Management, at the University of Arizona.  She spent close to a decade in the financial world, gaining experience from corporate and non-profit sectors.  After realizing she was not completely fulfilled with her work, she decided to reroute her path and went on to earn a M.S. in Integrative and Functional Nutrition from Saybrook University.

Equipped with her holistic-based nutrition knowledge, Irene is currently pursuing a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) credential, in addition to the support she provides for Dr. Stan and the entire FG team.  She could not be more thrilled to be a part of this journey with FG and to be welcomed into such a caring and compassionate community.



Ashton started her chiropractic assistance journey in 2017, where she was also trained in Myofascial Release Therapy, Physical Therapy Aide, and limited X-ray technology; this led her to understand and appreciate the body’s ability to self-heal at a greater level. Ashton has had the privilege of witnessing and experiencing incredible physical, mental, and emotional transformation through chiropractic care and therapies alike; which has ultimately led her to a more holistic path for all things health and wellness. 

She is immensely grateful to be a part of the Future Generations team, and feels most fulfilled when connecting with and assisting others through their healing journeys. 

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, singing, reading, visiting with family/friends, and spending quality time with her husband and their pups.



Chiropractic Assistant

As an avid health enthusiast, Estrella finds immense joy in exploring natural healing methods and assisting others on their wellness journeys.

Working at Future Generations has been a fulfilling experience, allowing her to connect with the community and promote education in health and natural healing. Beyond work, she indulges in her passions for reading, exploring trails, savoring sunsets, and immersing herself in enriching lectures and podcasts. She’s grateful to be part of a mindset movement, and continues to thrive in her pursuit of helping others and fostering holistic well-being.


Chiropractic Assistant

Diana (Di) is a dedicated Maternal Mental Health Advocate, Perinatal Energy Therapist, Certified Peer Support Specialist, 200Hr Yoga Instructor and PMADs Survivor. With a deep-rooted passion for holistic healing, care, and compassion, she has made a significant impact in the field of maternal mental health. Di’s involvement extends beyond her individual practice, as she serves on the board of Thrive Wellness Collective, a non-profit organization with a mission to empower families and strengthen communities through midwifery care and services. She is also a member and volunteer with The Postpartum Health Alliance, furthering her commitment to supporting individuals and families during the perinatal period.

In addition to her advocacy work, Di is a staunch believer in the power of chiropractic care to support overall well-being. Inspired by her own healing journey, she has developed a profound appreciation for the role chiropractic care can play during the perinatal period. She understands that chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate physical discomfort, optimize nervous system function, and contribute to a healthier and more balanced mind-body connection.

In her personal life, Diana is a proud mother of three and is happily married to a patient and loving husband. She loves avocados, fungi and the power of life force energy. Her own journey has fueled her passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others, and she continues to inspire and empower through her work.