I remember being 17 years old, and two weeks after high school graduation- leaving a major tennis tournament in Southern California early to go to West Point cadet basic training. I remember being so young and feeling so alone, because there aren’t much further places from West Point  in the United States, then Southern California.


Many of the young kids had their families saying goodbye, but all of us from California made the trek alone.


I remember sitting in the barber’s chair for the first time (and having my head shaved weekly for the next four years), and thinking about what the other kids who were starting college were doing.


I remember learning what my only acceptable “4 responses” were:


Yes, sir.

No sir.

No excuse, sir

Sir, I do not understand.


I remember memorizing the varying essential pieces of “knowledge” that I burned into my brain on repeat every day, only to hope that I could recite it in a way that did not attract incredible hazing from cadets who were only a year older than me.


I remember making mistakes and the upperclassman stating without hesitation “you just killed your platoon”.


Upon graduation, we knew that we would be responsible for upwards of 50 to 75 soldiers and NCOs, and we were being groomed to ensure that first, we maximize the opportunity for people to live, and if we deploy, that we bring our men home. Second, winning our nations “wars“ as “leaders of character“ was a very important factor- I still carry this with me today.


You know, most people say, “Wow, you went to West Point. That’s amazing. I could never do that!” I will say that for many years, and for maybe the first few months of my oldest’s life, I would have thought that I would allow my children to go to West Point.


Today, I think completely differently.





Very early on in 2020, a good friend of mine said, “The fight for freedom is going to come outside of the military today.”


I don’t say this to discount military service in any capacity. I say this because the bureaucracy that the military industrial complex has created and promoted is insane. 


Back in June 2021, The Future Generations Podcast was one of the first to highlight that places like West Point were enforcing 100% compliance for the shot that has been shown to cause major health issues in multiple systems.


In January 2023, I interviewed LTC Brad Miller, a West Point grad, for being one of the few commanders to be relieved of duty for refusing the COVID shot. He left the service after 19 years (one year from retirement), and he takes a strong stance that the entire chain of command is complicit in normalizing medical tyranny for a generation of officers and soldiers. 


Why does this matter? 


It matters because for those who serve in the military today, I salute you more than ever.


The ability to put on the uniform in support of our collective freedom today is far more challenging than ever, and the resolve it takes is everything that helps keep this world going round.


Like I said, more than ever, I salute you. It is a strong emphasis of mine to honor those of us, in times of conflict in the face of challenge, who will step up and run towards it, putting themselves in harms way for the rest of us.


Whether you put on the uniform today or not- it makes a difference for the rest of us who often take freedom for granted.


Whether you step up into a greater sense of the truth and take massive action in the name of FREEDOM or not, it does the same from my point of view. 

Believe it or not, maintaining your right to choose what’s best for your children, especially with regard to healthcare and education, is virtually one of the greatest acts of freedom today.


Most of us still have not fully realized how targeted our children are. The powers that be believe that they own our children’s bodies, and maybe more importantly, their minds and their beliefs. They are willing to do anything for brainwashing into their matrix.


This matters more than we know.


Most of our patients who have chosen to even delay shots for the children, have this inherent hesitation to even enter hospitals sometimes because of fear of how they may be treated.


Many moms who have found us have had birthing experiences that are so dramatic, they completely lose all trust for the medical system.


I was trained to believe that the doctor – patient relationship was sacred, and for the most part, I still feel this way when it comes to how we and Future Generations relate to our patients. 


…but think about it this way… have you ever had that dynamic change just because you did not choose what the doctor was “recommending?” Have you ever had a doctor be open minded and field questions that you may have for the things they are recommending for your children? 


Recently, we had a new patient come in who had been following us at Future Generations for the last four years. She’s a pediatric nurse in a major hospital system here in San Diego, and she told us that if we tell providers that our children are not vaccinated, a direct investigation ends up as the suitability of us as parents.


All this can happen without you knowing.


People have asked me for years if I know of any good pediatricians. 

My first answer is almost always “how do you define GOOD?”

Second, “why do you think that you need one?”


It is virtually impossible to find a pediatrician who is not completely sold out to the system in California. Most of them have moved out of state because they have been investigated for even considering consulting their families on anything other than the CDC mandated vaccine schedule.


Years ago, the mantra started to echo in our community about “homeschool or move.” For the most part, so many of us are choosing to stay because we have found ways to navigate our children and their education in more sovereign ways.


The threat that is the conventional medical system at large is very real. If this is new to you, please listen to the following episode with Gail Macrae former Kaiser nurse:


Episode 201: Combatting Medical Kidnapping with Gail Macrae


Stay tuned to the follow up interview, that is going to be broken up into two episodes in the coming weeks, with Hope Schachter whose daughter Autumn was the victim of medical kidnapping. 


These episodes are highly sensitive, but they reveal the back end to many of the challenges we face as families who care deeply about making our own choices for our own family’s needs and values. 


We are very much about creating an uplifting and empowering environment for you and your kids.


We are very much about normalizing vibrant health for all foreseeable generations through natural health and self healing. 


We are very much about respecting each other’s unique perspectives through the uniqueness of you and your children’s lived experiences.


AND we are very much about embodying FREEDOM, and fighting and living a FREEDOM we often take for granted. 


We invite you to take advantage of our Health Freedom promotion this month. Help us grow this amazing community by inviting your friends and family to realize what’s possible for their health and life potential. 

Everyday, we get to witness family trees literally transform in a more optimally healthy and FREE direction. And as much as I am NOT in the military anymore, and as much as I am no longer responsible for bringing 80 men home safely and alive from Iraq, I feel like the leadership role we take in our community to be one of the single most important in the history of the world. 


I have said on multiple platforms that in this overly technocratic, virtual and digitally divided world, there is nothing more important than in person, high touch, high love and connection establishments. And I am very biased, I would say that in virtually every community, the properly trained prenatal and pediatric chiropractic clinic being one of the most significant businesses to take a stand for their community. 


It is an absolute honor to stand in noble service to you. 

Happiest of 4th of July to you and your family. 


Love and appreciate you all. ♥️